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One Thing That Always Defeats Confusion

Confused people think everything matters equally. Never give all thoughts and options equal weight. The four results of confusion are:     Doubt.     Fear.     Inaction.     Self-affirmation that inaction… Continue reading

How to Say Yes to New Ideas Without Going Nuts

The trouble with new ideas are the ones that didn’t work. But, organizations that consistently kill new ideas drive nails in their own coffins. The bondage of old ideas is they worked, once. The issue… Continue reading

Thriving in the Fishbowl of New Opportunity

Everyone’s watching intently and evaluating rigorously when you step into your new job. You earned this opportunity. Don’t screw it up. New roles, titles, or positions make or break careers. Rob McCleland, is… Continue reading

The 10 Liberating Powers of Playing a Role

Jim McCann, came into the world a shy, Irish kid, in New York City. He wasn’t always a conversationalist. Jim overcame shyness by becoming a salesperson in a clothing store and, later, a bartender.… Continue reading

10 Ways to Change the Future Today

Those who wait for the future to change repeat the present. The only way to change tomorrow is to change today. The future changes today. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll… Continue reading

Ten Secrets to Success Through Adapting

Adapting as you go sounds great until you have to do it. The need to change direction suggests failure or disappointment. Results fell short. Strategies failed. Hard work didn’t work. One of two… Continue reading