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Shut-Up and Do It Yourself

I was explaining how to do something when a close friend said, “Do it yourself.” I have a love-hate relationship with my life-long friend Tim. (Mostly love.) But, he got me thinking about… Continue reading

7 Cures for Cruelty

“All cruelty springs from weakness.” Seneca Image source Cruel leaders believe they’re helping when they’re hurting. Some of the most shocking, disappointing, and frustrating moments in leadership come when you begin to realize… Continue reading

13 Reasons Teams Lose Momentum

Multiply waste by the number of people involved. The capacity of teams to waste time and resources staggers the imagination. It’s one thing to tolerate one person wasting time. But, the amount of… Continue reading

The Signature File that got me Chewed Out

The story in your head always finds expression in your life. But, it’s dangerous when behaviors and attitudes are based on fabrications. He doesn’t like me. I’m not appreciated. They’re out to get… Continue reading

7 Ways to Deal with Office Drama

Everyone knows the drama kings/queens in the office. They’re the ones you dance around. “Don’t upset Barry.” Drama queens go to the boss rather than colleagues to voice complaints. Drama kings walk into… Continue reading

12 Ways to Maximize Collisions of Perspective

Mediocrity is the result of peace and harmony. Rather than resolving conflict, invite it. Lousy leaders and weak organizations pursue peace at all costs. The heat of tension, tests, clarifies, refines, and strengthens… Continue reading