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15 Ways to Lead with Heart

Heartless leaders are deformed beasts who excuse abuse in the name of results. But, the tough aspects of leadership make having heart hard. Open hearts feel pain that closed hearts don’t. Wise leaders learn… Continue reading

Two Steps to Overcome Fear and Find Courage

Cowards dream of meaningful impact but waste life engaged in meaningless activities. The courageous act when it matters. Cowards observe. Contemplation without action is the cowards retreat. Cowards: Refuse to make decisions. Delegate… Continue reading

Demoted in Two Weeks

Thinking about it is harder than doing it. I asked Fred (not his real name) for the secret to successful leadership and he talk about dealing with tough issues. The way you address… Continue reading

How to Let Go and Hang On

“When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” Maybe not! What if it’s time to let go? It takes more wisdom to let go than hang on. Desperation… Continue reading

12 Ways to Express Remarkable Boldness

Don’t admire babies in adult bodies who get what they want by throwing their weight around. You might look at them and wish you had more boldness. Don’t. Juvenile leaders boldly demand that others… Continue reading

7 Ways to Push Through Thorny Issues

Thorny issues always get worse when unattended. Inevitably, you tumble into disappointing results, heated confrontation, broken relationships, or fatalistic resignation. Thorny issues are pivotal moments that confirm, confront, or establish trajectory. There is no arrival only… Continue reading