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Nuke Plan “B”

You don’t need more options. Options distract focus, drain energy, and paralyze progress. Life is richer when failure matters. Vibrancy results from courageously choosing a path and closing the door on the rest.… Continue reading

13 Ways Leaders Make Dumb Decisions

Dumb is easy at the beginning and painful in the end. The future depends on today’s wise decision. 13 ways to make dumb decisions: Ignore the strengths, weaknesses, and passions of teammates. Birds… Continue reading

Tensions Between Flexibility and Inflexibility

Inflexibility is a security blanket for weak, fearful leaders, but too much flexibility creates instability. Flexibility feels dangers when you doubt yourself or the team. Inflexibility feels safe. The playing field stays the same. Even… Continue reading

10 Rules for Moving Forward without Permission

The path of least resistance is a long path to mediocrity. All leaders press through resistance. If there’s no resistance you’re not reaching high enough. Don’t play dead if it really matters. 4… Continue reading

15 Ways to Lead with Heart

Heartless leaders are deformed beasts who excuse abuse in the name of results. But, the tough aspects of leadership make having heart hard. Open hearts feel pain that closed hearts don’t. Wise leaders learn… Continue reading

Two Steps to Overcome Fear and Find Courage

Cowards dream of meaningful impact but waste life engaged in meaningless activities. The courageous act when it matters. Cowards observe. Contemplation without action is the cowards retreat. Cowards: Refuse to make decisions. Delegate… Continue reading