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The Four Hardest Words You’ve Never Said

I had a sinking feeling when the radio interview was over. I’m always critical of my performance, but this time something didn’t feel right. Radio interviews are becoming common and I didn’t want… Continue reading

The Surprising Path to Authentic Impact

The leader you pretend to be; saps vitality, limits potential, and drains fulfillment. You won’t let yourself be seen because you fear you aren’t enough and others will reject you. In the end,… Continue reading

Tapping the Fear-side of Motivation

People who aren’t afraid aren’t going far. Fear is the secret heat behind fiery passion. Without fear, passion is transitory, weak, unfocused, and ineffective. Find and acknowledge your fears. Image source I was delighted… Continue reading

The Proven Path to T.R.U.S.T.

Everything takes longer when you don’t trust those around you. Mistrust doubles the cost of doing business. Professor John Whitney, Columbia Business School. 5 qualities of low trust organizations: Redundancy. Bureaucracy. Politics. Disengagement.… Continue reading

How to Lead Like Ellen DeGeneres Part Deux

Ellen DeGeneres is a person of influence because she’s not intimidating. The look on her face says, “I want you to like me.” It’s not a needy look. But, it borders on insecurity.… Continue reading

Navigating the Line Between Brash and Bold

Boldness ruins fools. Boldness doesn’t answer leadership issues. It causes many. But, “Freedom lies in being bold.” Robert Frost The line between brash and bold is: Experience. Maturity. Counsel. Preparation. Perseverance. Reflection. Friendships.… Continue reading