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The Signature File that got me Chewed Out

The story in your head always finds expression in your life. But, it’s dangerous when behaviors and attitudes are based on fabrications. He doesn’t like me. I’m not appreciated. They’re out to get… Continue reading

10 Ways to Listen to the Black Dog

Bob Sutton gave me permission to be self-critical. He didn’t intend to, but, I felt great about being hard on myself, after we hung up. We were talking about his new book, “Scaling… Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Suggestions that Get Heard

Suggestions are another way of saying do it my way. The person making suggestions is telling you how they would do it, if they were doing it. Unappreciated: The worst suggestions come after… Continue reading

Seven Positive Responses to Negative Feedback

Image source Negative feedback isn’t the issue. You are. How you respond to correction, criticism, and negative feedback tells me who you are. It’s even more telling when it comes from someone of lower… Continue reading

Removing the Lid on Your Organization

The lid on your organization is the person’s feelings you’re trying to protect. The conversation down the hallway goes like this. “We can’t bring that issue up because Mr./Ms. ‘I’m The Center of… Continue reading

The Seven Powers of Words

Complaining says stop or improve, but doesn’t improve anything. Encouraging points to behaviors or attitudes to continue, but doesn’t continue anything. The danger of talking is it feels like doing. The biggest waste… Continue reading