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Receiving the 12 Gifts of Problems

Successful leaders run toward problems, not away. If you want to lead, solve a problem, the bigger the better. Problems come bearing gifts, if you can receive them. 12 Gifts: Handled well, problems:… Continue reading

How to Have Fiery Meetings and Not Blow Up

The alternative to fiery meetings is assembling teams that see everything from the same perspective. Uncontested unanimity is feel-good mediocrity. 7 requirements for fiery meetings: Invite dynamic tensions on teams as long as… Trust… Continue reading

7 Ways to Break Destructive Patterns

Lousy leaders solve the same problems over and over. When problems feel familiar, negative patterns prevail. The real problem: The difference between success and failure is how quickly you see and deal with… Continue reading

How to Make it Better by Not Making it Worse

When failure is imminent, it doesn’t matter why it happened. Just shut-up and fix it. Unskilled leaders expand problems. Unfocused leaders make matters worse by doing too much. What you don’t do, is the… Continue reading

A Little Dabble will Do Ya

Weak, foolish leaders constantly test the water. Strong, wise leaders dabble and jump, or move on. Fearful leaders circle the present, wringing their hands. Courageous leaders create the future. Dabbling leaders lead dying organizations. Dabbling… Continue reading

Saying Yes is Harder than Saying No

Don’t pat yourself on the back if you’re skilled at saying no and lousy at saying yes. Weak leaders hide behind bureaucracy and love making people beg. The more times you say no, the more… Continue reading