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How to Connect Forgiveness and Accountability

Forgiveness determines the breadth, depth, and duration of all relationships. People disappoint. The more you expect from others the more likely you’ll feel disappointed. Don’t lower expectations. Elevate forgiveness. Unforgiveness: Leaders who can’t forgive… Continue reading

Be the Best – Prepare for the Worst

The thing that keeps you up at night is the crisis you can’t see coming. Successful leaders anticipate, identify, and solve crisis before it’s too late. Leaders become the best by preparing for… Continue reading

7 Ways to Find Graceful Boldness

Boldness takes you further than reluctance. But, boldness is dangerous. Lack of boldness is bedfellow to inaction. But, boldness is an ugly beast when taken too far. The sins of inaction destroy more than… Continue reading

5 Feelings that Signal Failure is Near

Excellence is war. Business as usual means mediocrity prevails. It’s one thing to pursue excellence as an individual. But, how can leaders make the pursuit of excellence a matter of culture? “Scaling Up… Continue reading

13 Ways to Pass the Squeeze Test

The people you serve evaluate you like a person buying bread. Do you pass the “squeeze test?” Ever have a bad boss who didn’t realize how bad they were? What if complaints about… Continue reading

How to Break the Conspiracy of Silence

The organization was under scrutiny from regulators and the media. That’s a big deal when you have over 15,000 employees. The conspiracy of silence had come home to roost. To make matters worse,… Continue reading