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How to Say Yes to New Ideas Without Going Nuts

The trouble with new ideas are the ones that didn’t work. But, organizations that consistently kill new ideas drive nails in their own coffins. The bondage of old ideas is they worked, once. The issue… Continue reading

Navigating the Line Between Brash and Bold

Boldness ruins fools. Boldness doesn’t answer leadership issues. It causes many. But, “Freedom lies in being bold.” Robert Frost The line between brash and bold is: Experience. Maturity. Counsel. Preparation. Perseverance. Reflection. Friendships.… Continue reading

7 Ways to Find Graceful Boldness

Boldness takes you further than reluctance. But, boldness is dangerous. Lack of boldness is bedfellow to inaction. But, boldness is an ugly beast when taken too far. The sins of inaction destroy more than… Continue reading

Three Ways to Stop Being a Doormat

What do you call someone who keeps on giving but doesn’t receive? A doormat. Lead with generosity but reject abuse. One-way relationships indicate disrespect. First-time managers, who are kind and sincere, are most… Continue reading

5 Feelings that Signal Failure is Near

Excellence is war. Business as usual means mediocrity prevails. It’s one thing to pursue excellence as an individual. But, how can leaders make the pursuit of excellence a matter of culture? “Scaling Up… Continue reading

8 Powerful Ways to Inspire Courage in Others

Leaders who don’t feel fear are oblivious to the challenges of leadership. Leadership of any consequence takes courage. Be afraid of leaders who aren’t afraid. The past is the future, apart from the courage… Continue reading