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7 Ways to Deal with Office Drama

Everyone knows the drama kings/queens in the office. They’re the ones you dance around. “Don’t upset Barry.” Drama queens go to the boss rather than colleagues to voice complaints. Drama kings walk into… Continue reading

15 Ways to Help Without Getting in the Way

Helping done poorly is destructive. The need to help says more about your needs than theirs. 3 UN-helpful reasons you feel the need to help: Feel important. Elevate status. Look smart. 6 unhelpful… Continue reading

29 Ways to Energize Tired Dogs

Managing energy is more important than managing time. It doesn’t matter how much time you have if your energy tank is empty. Put more in than you take out or you’ll end up… Continue reading

It Only Takes One Word

The word “health” adopted me for 2014. I used the “One Word” concept and just listened. Health is the word that stuck. One Word isn’t a resolution. I haven’t made one of them… Continue reading

Making Compassion Work

Compassion is for the weak. Old school management expects results at all costs. No excuses. “I know it’s tough. That’s why they call it work. Just get it done. Now get out of… Continue reading

How to Tell if You Should Tell

A Facebook follower says, “I’d like to see a Leadership Freak post that addresses the dangers of being honest about burnout.” The three dangers of being honest about burnout are losing: Respect. Opportunity.… Continue reading