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Ten Powerful Lessons Learned from a Bad Boss

Successful leaders turn problems into opportunities. Your bad boss is an opportunity to develop ten essential leadership qualities. Think of a bad boss as a catalyst that propels your leadership journey. If you don’t step… Continue reading

One Thing That Always Defeats Confusion

Confused people think everything matters equally. Never give all thoughts and options equal weight. The four results of confusion are:     Doubt.     Fear.     Inaction.     Self-affirmation that inaction… Continue reading

How to Lead Like Billy Graham

People change us most. Michael Hyatt recounts a meeting he had with Billy Graham in 1983. Hyatt wrote, “… In 20 minutes, he had an impact on me that would forever change the… Continue reading

How to Lead Like Ellen DeGeneres Part Deux

Ellen DeGeneres is a person of influence because she’s not intimidating. The look on her face says, “I want you to like me.” It’s not a needy look. But, it borders on insecurity.… Continue reading

How to Lead Like Ellen DeGeneres

Negative focus creates negative environments. But, successful leaders build energizing environments. Your primary influence is the environment you create.”  Peter Senge Lead like a comedian: Comedians influence others. Leadership is influence. Learn about… Continue reading

The Six Rules of Office Politics

An adversarial relationship with a skilled office politician destroys opportunities. It could end your career. You despise their shenanigans, but unless you have authority to deal with them, learn to get along. ***… Continue reading