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Don’t Spank the Gorilla

Don’t expect the gorilla to cooperate if you’re spanking him. Insults don’t enhance influence. You can’t antagonize and influence at the same time. The teammate you’re complaining about was hired by the person… Continue reading

When “But” Makes you a Sphincter-Leader

Sphincter-leaders unwittingly throw cold water on enthusiasm. A happy employee catches you in the hall. “Project ‘A’ is going well,” they report. It’s obvious they feel good. You’re a sphincter-leader when you say,… Continue reading

Secrets to Great Presentations

Leaders who present well, extend their influence, broaden their impact, and advance their careers. Great talkers have an advantage. Two questions: Ask the most important question presenters forget to ask. How do you… Continue reading

10 ways to Enhance Charisma

Admiration converts to influence. Charismatic leaders achieve results through presence and personality. People seek the approval of charismatic leaders. They love giving them what they want. Magnetism and influence characterize charismatic leaders. 10… Continue reading

How Two Conversations Changed A Life

You are who you are today, in large part, because of words you heard, not words you said. Unfocused: Mark entered college, like so many, unsure of what he wanted. He didn’t have… Continue reading

10 Things Young Leaders Need to Succeed

The Success of young leaders is the future of organizations. Old leaders, who cling to leadership, limit their legacy. Act like you’ll be gone next year. Rigor: Call for commitment. The image below… Continue reading