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25 Ways to Spot Leaders You Can Trust

Before everything else, determine if people are trustworthy. But, what if time is short and schedules full? How can you quickly spot someone you can trust? Leaders you can trust: Acknowledge they don’t… Continue reading

Three Secrets to Heartfelt Engagement

Pressure invites resistance. Demanding conformity hinders engagement. Don’t use authority and pressure to get what  you want. Find out what they want. Explore their hopes and dreams. The more energy spent pressuring and convincing,… Continue reading

Five Leadership Resolutions for 2014

A history of failure prevents you from making New Years resolutions. You fell short last time. Why try again? What’s the point? One friend said, “The only resolution I’ve kept is the one… Continue reading

How to be Assertive Not Pushy

Pushy people want what they want, regardless of how you feel. You have pushy-jerk radar that tells you to resist, protect, hold back, or attack. You put up with pushy people because you’re… Continue reading

How to Rise Above Butterfly Conversations

I hate wasting time in conversations that bounce around and never arrive. Talk – for the sake of talk – is for Saturday morning coffee with friends. But, successful leaders itch for next steps… Continue reading

How Leaders Dilute Their Impact

Image source Brevity increases impact. The Gettysburg address had 267 words, give or take a couple. 50 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. spoke for about 16 minutes. Who doesn’t remember, “I have… Continue reading