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Seven Ways to Get Smarter

Given my druthers, I’d choose smart over dumb. Sadly, all of us do things that prolong dumbness. 4 qualities of smart leaders who stay dumb: Persistence: Staying dumb requires persistence. Growing smarter requires change. Dumb… Continue reading

The Seven Qualities of Perfect Teammates

Those who aren’t irritating aren’t fully known. Everyone is irritating. They either do things that bug you, or, they leave something undone, and that bugs you. What does a perfect teammate look like? Perfect… Continue reading

10 Statements that Eliminate Misconceptions

You sound weird on recordings and you don’t look right on video. The way you perceive yourself isn’t accurate. Distorted self-reflection hinders growth. If leadership was done in isolation, the perceptions of others… Continue reading

Results Aren’t the Real Issue

Results never magically appear just because you want them. Wanting and producing are two different things. Future results aren’t real. Its easy to want to be a successful leader. Only fools want to fail.… Continue reading

10 ways to Enhance Charisma

Admiration converts to influence. Charismatic leaders achieve results through presence and personality. People seek the approval of charismatic leaders. They love giving them what they want. Magnetism and influence characterize charismatic leaders. 10… Continue reading

7 Ways to Maximize Quiet Leaders

Quiet, slow-movers frustrate talkative, quick movers. Those who think, speak, and commit quickly, often believe they’re superior to leaders who need time. One of the worst things leaders do is over-value people who are… Continue reading