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The Three Most Dangerous Mistakes Leaders Make

It’s easy to learn from mistakes when you’re inventing light bulbs, but leaders work with people not bulbs. Leadership mistakes: Waste resources. Squander opportunities. Misuse talent. Hurt people. The worst part of making… Continue reading

3 Ways to be the One Others Love on their Team

Frustration with people must be the number one frustration in organizational life. Wrong teammates distract, drain, and hobble. People, not work, make organizational life misery or joy. Success on teams often determines career… Continue reading

How to Cut Your Losses and Move On

Trajectory predicts the future. Minimize the negative impact of laggards by managing them up or out. Give employees on the rise freedom, opportunity, authority, and position. Experience suggests you have, on average, a… Continue reading

Leadership Sherlocking

The last time you heard, “Got a minute,” it took an hour and you nearly got fired. Magnifying glasses come out when things goes wrong. Sherlocking what’s wrong: Leaders become Sherlock Holmes when things… Continue reading

7 Ways to Maximize Quiet Leaders

Quiet, slow-movers frustrate talkative, quick movers. Those who think, speak, and commit quickly, often believe they’re superior to leaders who need time. One of the worst things leaders do is over-value people who are… Continue reading

5 Things Smart Leaders Never Say

Only fools say dumb things, intentionally. Think back to the last dumb thing you said. Did you think it was dumb, before you said it? The dumb things you’ve said seemed smart at first. 5 things… Continue reading