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10 Ways to Successfully Lead Through Problems

The difference between a whiner and a leader is the courage to step into the gap and seek solutions. Average leaders solve problems. Successful leaders find problems. Skillful leaders create problems. Leaders shine lights… Continue reading

17 Ways to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges

It’s Sunday afternoon. While others are relaxing, Monday weighs on your mind. You’re preparing to meet the problems, opportunities, issues, and challenges waiting on your desk. Most leadership conversations involve: Someone needing something. Tensions… Continue reading

13 Reasons Teams Lose Momentum

Multiply waste by the number of people involved. The capacity of teams to waste time and resources staggers the imagination. It’s one thing to tolerate one person wasting time. But, the amount of… Continue reading

Fight for Bright: 3 Aspects of Asset Based Thinking

Pessimists feel optimistic about Murphy’s law. I’m so much of a pessimist that I think optimists are faking. Talking about optimism irritates true pessimists. I’m not alone. Pessimists – people who see the… Continue reading

Momentum: What it is and 5 Ways to Get It

Negative momentum punches you in the gut every step of the way. But, positive momentum makes everything easier. It is never the size of your problem that is the problem. It’s a lack… Continue reading

10 Ways to Deal with Dark Gorillas

Pushing toward positive environments, while others pull down, discourages and frustrates leaders. What’s the use? To make matters worse, one negative does more damage than one positive does good. It hangs on longer,… Continue reading