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13 Ways to Spot Energy Draining Blood Suckers

Blood sucking people, like parasites, suck the life out of you. Successful leaders energize. Lousy leaders drain. The neglected skill of leadership is managing energy. 4 powers of energy: Energy predicts the future.… Continue reading

12 Ways to Become Extraordinary

Some leaders become extraordinary. But, average is normal. You climb and struggle toward extraordinary. Mediocrity is a comfortable slide. Pain is the point where average becomes extraordinary. Extraordinary leadership requires: Fierce focus. Finely honed… Continue reading

How to Stop De-energizing the team

It takes a miracle to re-ignite a fire once you’ve hosed it down. Skillful leaders use words to energize and release. Foolish leaders rein in and control. Everyone has a fire inside. Leadership’s role is throwing… Continue reading

15 Ways to Generate Urgency Now

Failure is the result of lack of urgency. Comfortable rhythms set-in. People wander toward fuzzy goals. Focus becomes drifting. Complacency drives real leaders crazy. Goals without urgency are fantasies. 15 indicators urgency has… Continue reading

5 Ways to Find the Worm

If the people you push felt powerful, they’d reject you. In their hearts they already do. Pushing people isn’t leadership. Sometimes people need a swift kick in the pants. But, kicking, pushing, pressuring,… Continue reading

3 Ways to Bring the Dead to Life

Life without passion is going through the motions like the walking dead. Remember your own passionless days. Not pretty! Shift your thoughts to colleagues and teammates. Do they have empty eyes and hanging… Continue reading