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10 Ways to Deal with Weaknesses in Others

Everyone is great at some things and lousy at others. Arrogant leaders compare the weaknesses of others to their strengths. Don’t judge others by the way they compare to you. When you evaluate… Continue reading

7 Ways to Maximize Quiet Leaders

Quiet, slow-movers frustrate talkative, quick movers. Those who think, speak, and commit quickly, often believe they’re superior to leaders who need time. One of the worst things leaders do is over-value people who are… Continue reading

How Two Conversations Changed A Life

You are who you are today, in large part, because of words you heard, not words you said. Unfocused: Mark entered college, like so many, unsure of what he wanted. He didn’t have… Continue reading

The Little Eye and the Big Eye

Leaders who can’t focus, fail. The benefit of focus is the power to disregard. Leaders with focus, like horses with blinders, ignore distractions. Distraction: Distraction makes weak leaders feel powerful. Solving “important” issues… Continue reading

10 Ways to Become the Leader Others Value

It’s not “just” business. The greatest “ship” in leadership is relationship. The priority of relationship came home to me in a follow-up call with Bob Buford. Bob was mentored by Peter Drucker. Their mentoring relationship turned… Continue reading

Finding Your Tennis Ball

The more you’re pushing, the less you’re doing what you love. Love pulls. “It’s not just about pushing yourself. It’s about finding your tennis ball.” Drew Houston, Co-founder and CEO of Dropbox. Obsession:… Continue reading