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7 Power Tips for Facing Turbulence

Turbulence grabs attention, focuses energy, stretches relationships, tests resolve, and shows you who you are. Leadership tips during turbulence. Turbulence is useful when it: Strengthens connections. People who trust each other pull together… Continue reading

7 Marks of Engaged Leadership

Disengaged leaders lead by decree. The ability to calculate percentages isn’t leadership. It doesn’t take a college education to raise last quarter’s results by 5% and call it next quarter’s goal. When all… Continue reading

7 Ways to Have Tough Compassion

Compassion goes wrong when it coddles. Tough compassion calls for extraordinary commitment that stretches people. Coddling prevents people from achieving their best. Image source Coddling compassion: Don’t coddle at the beginning of challenging projects. Never… Continue reading

How to Make it Better by Not Making it Worse

When failure is imminent, it doesn’t matter why it happened. Just shut-up and fix it. Unskilled leaders expand problems. Unfocused leaders make matters worse by doing too much. What you don’t do, is the… Continue reading

Under the Gun to Get it Done

Projects get to a point when things start falling apart. Failure rises  up. Some people panic. Others give up.  Reality: Competence in one area doesn’t transfer to other areas. In some conditions complexity and… Continue reading

7 Ways to Start Your Week Like a Leader

Monday morning is the most stress-filled morning of the week. Don’t let Monday push you around. Take charge of your week now. Connect with that person you’ve been meaning to reach out to.… Continue reading