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Four Ways to Fit In and Not Disappear

Learn to fit in while you standout. Finding your place – in relation to others – frees, empowers, and enhances meaning. Image source Fitting in: Leaders who succeed in isolation aren’t doing much. The myth of… Continue reading

10 Practical Ways to Enhance Team Dynamics

Listen for the sucking sound of money going down the drain when lousy teams take on projects. Stop wasting time on teams that waste time. Image source Successful teams are a thing of… Continue reading

Shut-Up and Do It Yourself

I was explaining how to do something when a close friend said, “Do it yourself.” I have a love-hate relationship with my life-long friend Tim. (Mostly love.) But, he got me thinking about… Continue reading

Solving Leadership Isolation with Connection

Leaders lay awake at night wondering what’s really happening. You wonder, “Who should I touch base with? Isolation prevents you from feeling the pulse of your organization. Blind spots hinder your ability to… Continue reading

How to Get Projects Back on Track Fast

People are the main reason projects fail. Getting projects back on track is first about people, then about circumstances. 5 people-reasons projects fail: Confusion regarding purpose. Why is this project important? Lack of… Continue reading

Promoted Now What

Self-doubt is a gift in small doses; in large doses devastating. Fear paralyzes new managers and makes them look foolish. Face doubt with courage. Doubt, used well, opens the mind. Courage and open minds:… Continue reading