A Pound of Bad Outweighs a Ton of Good

Developing goodness is war. The grueling truth of leadership is good doesn’t overcome bad. Be gentle 80% of the time and gruff the other 20% and what are you? Gruff! The same is… Continue reading

7 Habits that Defeat Distraction and Find Focus

Frantic leaders lack focus. Nothing meaningful gets done without focus. Unfocused leaders: Allow trivialities to become urgencies. Persistent drama suggests lack of focus. Start too much and finish too little. Neglect mission and… Continue reading

10 Ways to Defeat Blood Sucking Vampires

Blood sucking vampires lurk in the shadows of your organization. If you don’t stop them, they’ll drain you. Any fool can drain energy. Real leaders create it.  Fires, left to themselves, go out. Environments… Continue reading

10 Strategies for Dealing with a Toxic Teammate

You’re stuck with a toxic team member. You wish they were gone but you don’t have the power to eject them. Now what? 10 strategies for dealing with toxic teammates you can’t eject:… Continue reading

Would Someone Please Make a Decision

The dictionary for leaders series landed on “D” this morning. Leaders make decisions. Frustrated readers complain about leaders who won’t make decisions. Effective decisions are tipping points where talk becomes action. Action creates responsibility.… Continue reading

Two Steps to Overcome Fear and Find Courage

Cowards dream of meaningful impact but waste life engaged in meaningless activities. The courageous act when it matters. Cowards observe. Contemplation without action is the cowards retreat. Cowards: Refuse to make decisions. Delegate… Continue reading