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The Surprising Secret to Finding Mentors

The dark side of leadership is worse when you feel alone. Leaders face frustration, disappointment, confusion, doubt, stress, fear, and more. Hopelessness defeats leaders unless they replenish strength and find direction. Hope is… Continue reading

Exposing god-like Advisers

There’s a long line of individuals who tell you how to lead. Nearly all do the same thing. They tell you how they would do it. But, they aren’t you. Arrogant advisers believe they are gods molding… Continue reading

10 Steps on the Winner’s Journey

Image source by Peter Griffin #1.  Describe wins simply; one word if possible. #2.  Move from simplicity to clarity. Explain what you don’t want. Tap your frustrations for guidance. Everyone knows what they… Continue reading

Today’s Essential Management Skill

Managing is more than processes and procedures; it’s people. Successful managers bring out the best in others. “Management and leadership are about coaching around performance.” John Baldoni My conversation with author, speaker, and… Continue reading

You’ll Never Get There Without Questions

The day you realize leadership is about them not you is the day you begin leading. If you can’t develop people, you can’t lead beyond your current potential. Furthermore, if you don’t develop… Continue reading

The Most Powerful Thing Experienced Leaders Do

Helping young leaders get started and grow is the most powerful thing experienced leaders do. Growing young leaders changes individuals and organizations. Helping young leaders get started creates a universe of potential and… Continue reading