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The Secret to Expanding Influence by Wooing Hearts

Leaders without influence are followers. The ability to woo hearts begins with belief. They believe because you believe. During our interview, Kip Tindell preached a message he’s preached thousands of times.  If I… Continue reading

The Top 4 Qualities of Great Mentors

Mentoring ignites boldness by answering doubt with relational learning.   4 qualities of great mentors: #1. Humility: The guide isn’t the star of the show. Fight the urge toward self-importance.  Feeling that you know more… Continue reading

4 Ways to Eliminate Success Blocking Blind Spots

Those who can’t see themselves feel isolated and alone. Real relationships are built between real people.   7 reasons leaders have blind spots: The birds of a feather problem. You hang with people… Continue reading

12 Ways to End Fear and Inspire Boldness

You just walked out of your boss’s office and you feel small and anxious. You work for a small boss. Small, fearful leaders make others feel small and afraid.   You’re smaller than the person… Continue reading

10 Rules for Moving Forward without Permission

The path of least resistance is a long path to mediocrity. All leaders press through resistance. If there’s no resistance you’re not reaching high enough. Don’t play dead if it really matters. 4… Continue reading

15 Powerful Shifts that Transform Leadership

Know-it-alls are completely predictable. They don’t change. Those who already know never develop new skills, embrace new ways of thinking, or grow as leaders. Everyone who grows changes. Everyone who changes behaves differently… Continue reading