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How to Transform a Relationship with a Bad Boss

“Your boss may not be perfect but they are perfect for you.” Unknown Imperfect situations are perfect places to grow. *** Karin Hurt on you have the boss you need (0:29): Passive: Playing… Continue reading

8 Growth Principles that Transform Leadership

Radical growth is the messiest – most painful – part of leadership. Death precedes life. Incremental growth is walking down familiar paths carrying the same assumptions. But, the first – real step –… Continue reading


Few things sting more than the sting of disrespect. Put-downs are nothing more than disrespect. Facebook fans filled in the blank: I feel disrespected when ______. Someone looks at their phone or computer… Continue reading

The 10 Liberating Powers of Playing a Role

Jim McCann, came into the world a shy, Irish kid, in New York City. He wasn’t always a conversationalist. Jim overcame shyness by becoming a salesperson in a clothing store and, later, a bartender.… Continue reading

The Seven Pursuits of Leadership

You may grow weary of a life of pursuit but what’s the alternative? Spend yourself in pursuit or waste yourself in ease. Fatigue from pursuit is the noblest form of exhaustion. “At its… Continue reading

Why Leaders Fail

Leadership is a matter of character before skill. In other words, it’s about who you are. Fakers are exposed, eventually. Fake leaders – those with skills but lacking character – inevitably sink. Skills… Continue reading