The Go-With Leader

Sometimes you blaze a trail. Other times, you lead from behind. The go-with leader walks beside. Do-for leaders: Compassionate leaders lean toward over-help. They jump in too soon. They solve other people’s struggles… Continue reading

Leadership Tipping Points

If you want the same result, keep doing the same thing. You must do something different, if you expect to find new tipping points.  First: If you want change, you’re the first one who… Continue reading

3 Habits That Make You Dumb, Regardless of Your IQ

Intelligence and talent aren’t the core components of remarkable leadership. Smart leaders do dumb things. Cocky talent relies too heavily on abilities. 3 habits that make you dumb, regardless of your IQ: Resent the… Continue reading

When the Garbage Stinks, Take it Out

There’s a garbage can in your head that’s stinking up your leadership. Garbage is your inclination to pretend you’re less than you are by clinging to old ways of thinking about yourself. Garbage… Continue reading

Seven Ways to be Overworked and Under-Appreciated

I’ve been teaching managers to coach employees for about four years. One thing is obvious. Overworked managers pressure themselves in self-defeating ways. Successful managers make others matter more. Seven ways to be overworked… Continue reading

7 Ways to be a Dealer in Hope

You and the people you influence cannot thrive apart from hope. Napoleon rightly said, “A leader is a dealer in hope.” Successful leaders inspire hope.  Leadership is about the future – hope is… Continue reading