7 Powerful Ways to Reignite Your Energy

The less energy you have the more negative you become. Energized leaders are better. Low energy leaders: Feel unappreciated. Want to quit. Blow up. Can’t create or try new things. Believe the world… Continue reading

13 Beliefs That Hold You Back

Failure begins with self-limiting beliefs. 13 Beliefs that Hold You Back: Wisdom always feels right. If feelings were always right, failure would be extinct. Ineffective behaviors eventually become effective. Negative people aren’t that… Continue reading

7 Ways to Give Negative Feedback to the Boss

Some bosses think their weaknesses matter less than the weaknesses of others. But, the opposite is true. You help the team and enrich your organization, when you help the boss. 7 ways to… Continue reading

7 Ways to Embolden the Timid

The timid are an untapped reservoir of potential in a world dominated by risk-takers. Everyone falls below their potential for lack of courage. Boldness: Presses into uncertainty. Attempts the unattempted. Fails and tries… Continue reading

Stink Bugs and Flowers

There are two types of leaders, stink bugs and flowers. Stink-bug-leaders: When stink bugs show up, everything stinks. Fear goes up. Teams feel dumb. Nothing’s good enough. The past is more important than the future.… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Help! My Boss is Incompetent

Dear Leadership Freak, My boss drives me crazy. He’s incompetent. He has no people skills. The trouble is the people upstairs think he’s doing a good job. Sincerely, Frustrated with incompetence! Dear Frustrated,… Continue reading