Stink Bugs and Flowers

There are two types of leaders, stink bugs and flowers. Stink-bug-leaders: When stink bugs show up, everything stinks. Fear goes up. Teams feel dumb. Nothing’s good enough. The past is more important than the future.… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Help! My Boss is Incompetent

Dear Leadership Freak, My boss drives me crazy. He’s incompetent. He has no people skills. The trouble is the people upstairs think he’s doing a good job. Sincerely, Frustrated with incompetence! Dear Frustrated,… Continue reading

Three Steps to Great Leadership

Small managers need to feel big. Egotistical managers walk around like they run the place but no one enjoys an insecure, heavy handed, meddlesome manager. Small managers: Throw their weight around. Get huffy when challenged.… Continue reading

The Answer is Who

Short-sighted leaders are consumed with results. Real leaders are consumed with people. The answer is who. Traditional leaders: Solve problems. Prevent failure. Create systems. Measure results. Traditional leadership is essential. But, never treat people… Continue reading

7 Ways to Become a Respected Leader

You don’t need position when people respect you. Respect amplifies leadership. Leaders who aren’t respected, depend on position, power, authority, and control. Respect and influence: You have the most influence with those who respect… Continue reading

Half the Team Doesn’t Trust the Boss

Over 50% of employees don’t trust their boss.* 5 reasons leaders seem dishonest: Pretending things are better than they are. Holding your nose in the air. Arrogant leaders sacrifice others to protect their image. Remaining isolated.… Continue reading