How to Spend Less Time Solving Performance Issues and More Time Delivering Results

It’s tempting to prioritize poor performers and neglect middle and top performers. Leaders believe small improvements in poor performance make a big difference. They’re right, but how likely is progress? The trap: Leaders… Continue reading

The Real Focus of Successful Leaders

Control, for the most part, is illusion. What happens when you try to control something outside your control? Anxiety. Stress. Fear. Frustration. Pressuring. Manipulation. Resentment. Control as manipulation: Attempts to control things outside our… Continue reading

Only 49% of All Employees Have a Great Deal of Trust in Their Boss

EY released Global Generations 3.0 research that found less than half of full-time workers surveyed globally between the ages of 19-68, place a “great deal of trust” in their employer, boss, or colleagues.… Continue reading

How to Lead Meetings People Love to Attend and Get Work Done at the Same Time

Unproductive meetings drive productive people nuts. If organizational culture is the way we treat each other while we work, Meetings are culture building activities. 10 reasons the meeting sucked: Bloviators.  Texting under the… Continue reading

How to Be Yourself While Becoming Yourself

New behaviors feel like showing up for dinner dressed like Micky Mouse. Frustration and disappointment are more comfortable than the discomfort of feeling inauthentic when you try on new leadership behaviors. People say, “Be yourself.” But how can… Continue reading

How to Kick Your Inner Critic in the Pants and Move Forward

Your inner critic believes you’re a failure and wants you to stay that way. An inner finger-pointer comes from two places. Inner critics are the imagined voice of accusing authority figures and negative family members from… Continue reading