Solution Saturday: One of my Colleagues Rubs me the Wrong Way

Dear Dan, I work with a person who just rubs me the wrong way. I get along well with most people, but can’t seem to figure this one out. My boss doesn’t want… Continue reading

10 Things We All Want From Our Leaders

Success includes avoiding useless behaviors, paying attention to people, and tending to small things. 12 things we wish our leaders would stop: Tolerating high performers who act like jerks. Avoiding tough issues. Giving… Continue reading

The Toxic Leader Score

Your Toxic Leader Score* (TLS) is the level of unnecessary irritation you cause others. If you occasionally irritate colleagues by arriving late, you’re a 3 on a range from 1 to 10. If you frequently… Continue reading

When Effort is High But Performance is Low

Feedback is the issue when effort is high but performance is low. Poor performance persists until feedback – awareness and development – confronts it. Feedback protects people from spinning their wheels. Effort, apart from feedback,… Continue reading

7 Responses to Reasoned Resistance

The line between bold and foolish is often determined by success or failure. Fearful organizations are full of people who know why it’s better to stay the same. Remarkable success requires boldness, but bold leaders… Continue reading

Giving Teeth to the Lion

Organizations without guiding values have lost control of their identity and future. Values guide during good times, anchor during tough times, and create stability during change. One of my leadership blunders was focusing… Continue reading