4 Things To Do About Stuff That Drives You Crazy

Leaders go blind when they see things that drive them crazy. 10 things that drive leaders crazy: Whining and complaining. Intervening because some knucklehead upset the office. Naysayers and wet blankets. Can’t-do people… Continue reading

Why Dysfunction Persists

Organizations go off the tracks when: The elephant in the room is a welcomed guest. Back-room politics over-rules decisions. Disagreement offends leaders. Personal interests trump organizational success. Important decisions come as a surprise to… Continue reading

12 Promises to My Future Self

I’m often asked what advice I’d give to my younger self. Trouble is, my younger self wouldn’t listen. “What would I say to my future self?” is a more interesting question. Dear Future… Continue reading

10 Reasons Leaders Feel Alone

“It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely.” Albert Einstein You can be loved, respected, successful, and appreciated, but still feel like you’re swinging the sword alone.… Continue reading

4 Surprising Times to Leap for Joy

Issues, problems, and challenges suck the joy out of leaders. Miserable leaders drain organizational energy. (People assume you’re miserable if you don’t express joy.) Joy is energy. Joy is an expression of wisdom and strength, not… Continue reading

10 Ways to Defeat the Evil Monster of Defensiveness

Defensive leaders bristle at the hint that they could have done better. Defensive leaders believe you’re the problem. Self-protective leaders justify themselves and attack others. 4 reasons leaders justify defensiveness: Defensiveness finds reasons to… Continue reading