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How to Bridge the Values Gap and Find Vitality

Leave a comment on this post to become eligible to win one of twenty free copies of, “The 3 Gaps,” by Hyrum Smith. *** “Gaps in our lives drain the positive power to… Continue reading

Unsuccessful Leaders Work as Hard as Successful

Unsuccessful leaders often work just as hard, if not harder, than successful. What’s the difference? Lackluster leaders are unremarkable because they know too much and grow too little. There are other success factors like… Continue reading

Books the “Freaks” Recommend

I asked Leadership Freak readers for book recommendations from books they read in 2015. I am delighted to pass along their recommendations. “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Harry… Continue reading

3 Ways to Ignite Profound Commitment

The difference between compliance and commitment is relationship. Compliance is forced. Commitment is given. “If you want people to be committed, commit to them.” Dee Ann Turner, VP of Corporate Talent at Chic-fil-A, author… Continue reading

How to Eliminate Stupid Rules

The stupid things I’ve done were done sincerely. I thought I was helping. It’s possible to sincerely believe you’re being helpful when you’re doing harm. Sincerity doesn’t erase stupid.  Smart leaders do stupid things.… Continue reading

How Sincere Leaders Sabotage Their Organizations

You are engaged in harmful behaviors that don’t serve you or your organization well. “I meant well,” points to sincere behaviors that backfired. Success is doing more of what works and less of… Continue reading