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How to Eliminate Stupid Rules

The stupid things I’ve done were done sincerely. I thought I was helping. It’s possible to sincerely believe you’re being helpful when you’re doing harm. Sincerity doesn’t erase stupid.  Smart leaders do stupid things.… Continue reading

How Sincere Leaders Sabotage Their Organizations

You are engaged in harmful behaviors that don’t serve you or your organization well. “I meant well,” points to sincere behaviors that backfired. Success is doing more of what works and less of… Continue reading

A Sweaty Palm Definition of Success

My palms get sweaty when I read, “We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people.”** Aim at nothing – you hit it. I feel a need to define my aspirations concerning the way I touch… Continue reading

How to Disrupt Your Way to Exponential Growth

Leave a comment on this post to become eligible to win one of fifteen copies of, “Disrupt Yourself,” by Whitney Johnson. *** You inevitably arrive at a place where disruption is the only… Continue reading

Powerful Tools for Reflection and Connection

All relationships are dissatisfying and fake, apart from authenticity.  5 results of low authenticity: Feeling disconnected and misunderstood. Lack of trust. Blocked connections. Shallow relationships. Lower influence. High authenticity: You can’t be authentic if… Continue reading

How Introverts Succeed in an Extrovert World

Introverts succeed when they, “Stop trying to be like extroverts and tap into their strengths.” Jennifer Kahnweiler, author of, The Genius of Opposites. Tap strengths: Listen and paraphrase. Give yourself time to reflect… Continue reading