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4 Steps on the Path to the Highest Good

Change may begin with declaration, but change efforts sputter until leaders change their own behaviors. 4 steps on the path to the highest good: #1. Paint a picture of the medium-term highest good.… Continue reading

Be a Real Leader and Start a Ripple Effect

I invited several top leaders, authors, and bloggers to share their wisdom with Leadership Freak readers. Thanks to Jesse Lyn Stoner for contributing this insightful post on creating magnificent teams in uninspired organizations. Do any of these common business… Continue reading

7 Questions to Ask Before Pursuing a New Job

Run toward new opportunities, not away from your current situation. It’s too easy to jump from the pan into the fire. 3 must do’s before pursuing new job opportunities: Have a deep conversation with the… Continue reading

16 Expressions of Underhanded Resistance Pt. 1

Underhanded resistance happens when people say yes, but really mean no. Resistance is expected, normal, even healthy. Underhanded resistance distracts and destroys. Leaders chase ghosts, when they don’t see underhanded resistance. People say they want change.… Continue reading

4 Ways to Deal with Deadweight

Successful leaders deal with people who take up space but don’t contribute. 12 ways to be deadweight: Complain about entitled millennials. Have you noticed how entitled older leaders expect young people to bow… Continue reading

7 Ways to Get What You Want

You don’t have what you want because you haven’t asked for it. Fear of asking for what you want results in not getting what you want. 7 ways to get what you want:… Continue reading