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Seven Ways to be Overworked and Under-Appreciated

I’ve been teaching managers to coach employees for about four years. One thing is obvious. Overworked managers pressure themselves in self-defeating ways. Successful managers make others matter more. Seven ways to be overworked… Continue reading

4 Ways to Work Less

Ego causes leaders to over-estimate their own talent and underestimate the talent of others. Ego makes leaders over-manage and under-lead. 4 ways to work less: #1. Who: Don’t ask, “What can I do?” Ask,… Continue reading

Tapping the Power of “For You”

Don’t use “we” when you mean “you”. “We” is at best weak and at worst deceptive when you really mean “you”. When you expect someone else to take ownership and action say “you”.… Continue reading

The Question No One Asks Leaders

It was a moment of authenticity that I’ll never forget. I was shocked when General Dempsey, retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “The question I wish people would have asked… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: I Don’t Get No Appreciation

Dear Dan, I’m coaching a business owner who wants more gratitude from his employees. He works really hard and feels that his employees should show him appreciation for his hard work to build… Continue reading

Succeeding with Three Challenges that Derail Leaders

Three Challenges that Derail Leaders: Challenge #1: Self-development during seasons of success. Talent’s halo makes you over-estimate your abilities and under-estimate your need for growth. I often ask audiences to raise their hands… Continue reading