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How Confusion Gives Way to Clarity

I often receive emails that include things like, “Do you have any suggestions or advice?” Occasionally, I ask if they’d like to talk. These calls are part listening and advising, but mostly, they’re… Continue reading

10 Ways to Connect and Get Results

Indifference to input is one reason employees are silent. Curiosity is an inconvenience to anyone who already knows. Leaders who lack curiosity, need it the most. New ways of seeing depend on new questions. Use… Continue reading

Seven Ways Coaching-Managers Get Things Done

All managers get things done through people, the question is how.   7 ways coaching-managers get things done: Connect. Traditional managers believe business is relationships, except when it comes to their own team. Coaching-managers… Continue reading

Bill Hybels on Integrating Young Leaders

Peter Drucker believed leaders of nonprofits had lots to teach corporate leaders. With that in mind, I’m delighted to share insights from my conversation with Bill Hybels, one of today’s most highly regarded… Continue reading

4 Ways to Energize Through Coaching

Telling-leaders drain and disengage. Coaching-leaders energize. Energize through coaching: #1. Assume others know: Others don’t know everything, but they know something. What do you know about this situation? What’s important about this situation? Where… Continue reading

How to Stop Telling People What to Do

Traditional managers expect compliance. Coaching-managers expect engagement, creativity, responsibility, and ownership. People who’ve been controlled often prefer compliance over participation. “Just tell me what to do,” is a cop out. Some prefer being… Continue reading