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Mastering the Art of Creating Accountability

Accountability, in traditional environments, is about power. Who has it? How is it used? The teeth in traditional accountability is the power to reward and punish. Accountability as pressure: Short-sighted leaders use accountability… Continue reading

On the Horns of a Dilemma

The first issue is finding a little clarity. The deeper issue is finding courage to act, after the light comes on. Sometimes one question flips the switch. Getting off horns: People don’t call when the… Continue reading

The 10 Practices of Coaching-Leaders Pt. 3

Leaders who neglect their team’s energy, inevitably encounter an energy crisis. Energy management is people management. The ten practices of coaching-leaders pt. 3: #7. Monitor and manage energy. Energy makes results possible.  Spend… Continue reading

The 10 Practices of Coaching-Leaders Pt. 2

You’re a jerk-leader if you aren’t passionate about developing people. Develop your coaching skills in order to effectively develop people. The ten practices of coaching-leaders pt. 2: #4. Cling to forward-facing curiosity. If you… Continue reading

Elevate One-On-Ones to Power Moments

Saying “we” is weaker than saying “you” during one-on-ones. Don’t say “we” when you mean “you”. It might feel like good manners to say “we”, but it’s disingenuous. It might soften the blow,… Continue reading

A Stable of Plow Horses

People problems are the biggest challenge of leadership. Low performance and lost potential drive you crazy. The challenge and the answer is people. A stable of plow horses: Success begins with the horses. A stable… Continue reading