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The 7 Practices of Curious Leaders

Lack of curiosity is deadly in changing times. Vision, courage, and energy, without curiosity, turn to exhaustion and irrelevance. Curiosity indicates potential. Leaders who ask questions go further than those who don’t. The… Continue reading

You Have What You Seek

To get where you want to go, move toward authentic leadership. The main characters in the Wizard of Oz discovered they already had what they sought. The Tin Man always had heart. The Cowardly Lion… Continue reading

I Felt on the Spot During Q&A

I felt on the spot after a recent presentation. During the Q&A, my authenticity was questioned in front of the audience. I give Leadership Freak coffee cups for questions. When I gave her… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Stress Free Problem-Solving

Too much problem-solving is a problem. Dis-empowered employees want you to solve their problems for them. Successful leaders help others solve problems. (This post originates with a problem-centric-email I received. It only took 30 minutes… Continue reading

You Don’t Have to be Man’s Best Friend

Everyone disdains leaders who are in it just for themselves. Self-absorbed leaders destroy relationships, disengage employees, and diminish results. Brave leaders build relationships. Cowards use distance and fear to control. Fear drives disconnection, but… Continue reading

How to Develop Feelings of Curiosity

In order to develop a quality or skill it must be distilled to behaviors. I was fascinated when a client pushed me beyond behaviors by saying, “Curiosity is an emotion.”  This post is the result… Continue reading