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10 Principles of the Thorn

Comfort isn’t a solution. Recurring problems fester when comforters win. But, if you allow pain to escalate, change eventually becomes necessary. Comforters prolong problems. Discomfort motivates change. Motivation declines when you remove discomfort.… Continue reading

How to Hold People Accountable without using Authority

If you didn’t have authority, how would you hold people accountable? Don’t demand what must be given. Authority as a hammer: Maslow said, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have… Continue reading

Six Elements of High Performance Culture

High performance is about inspiring not pressuring. #1 Philosophies in high performance cultures: Servant-leadership. Leaders serve teammates. Teammates serve each other. Everyone serves customers. Maximize strengths. Understand, acknowledge, and leverage strengths more than fixing… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Breakthrough Moments

Cowards love procrastination. Aspiring authors would kill for the opportunities that come my way. But, I’ve procrastinated on writing a book for three years. I’m afraid of it. Fear blocks possibility. Readers can’t understand… Continue reading

The New Necessity for Leadership Success

There is no secret to success, but some qualities and behaviors make success more likely. 25 qualities and behaviors that make success more likely: Intelligence. Authenticity. Talent. Sociability and connections. Resilience. Seeing the… Continue reading

Coaching People Who Resist Change

There are a million reasons to stay the same, when you feel pressure to change. In my opinion change is great as long as someone else is doing it. Resistance is the point… Continue reading