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10 Phrases Incompetent Leaders Keep Saying

You can try and fail one or two times. But, persistent failure – in the same area – signals incompetence. Everyone who gets ahead establishes a track record of reliability. You can’t be trusted if… Continue reading

Seven Principles of Passion

Leadership is agony apart from passion. Everyone one who ever made a difference had passion. Nothing of significance is done without it. 5 things that drain passion: Distant leaders. Work without purpose. Labor… Continue reading

10 Ways to Spot a Know-It-All

Everyone else is wrong, when you know you’re right. Their brilliance decreases as you imagine yours going up. There’s an inverse relationship between how smart you think you are and how dumb you think… Continue reading

If You Didn’t Have a Brain, How would You Know

The Tin Man cried because he didn’t have a heart. How can a heartless person cry over being heartless? The Scarecrow figured out how to save Dorothy from the witch, even though he… Continue reading

10 Ways to Deal with the Sucky Side of Work

When work sucks, life sucks. You like to think work doesn’t define you, but it sure feels like it. How much suck is too much? How much: Every job has a dark side.… Continue reading

12 Courageous Acts of Leadership

Meetings suck, problems persist, and relationships degrade because of cowardice. Mediocrity persists for lack of courage.   You begin with a dream, but the real issue is courage. 12 courageous acts of leadership: Doubt… Continue reading