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16 Ways to Get to the Truth

Insulated leaders don’t ask, because they don’t want to know. You are less than you could be, because people aren’t telling you the truth.   4 surprising reasons employees don’t speak up: Positive suggestions create more… Continue reading

7 Ways to Give Negative Feedback to the Boss

Some bosses think their weaknesses matter less than the weaknesses of others. But, the opposite is true. You help the team and enrich your organization, when you help the boss. 7 ways to… Continue reading

7 Ways to Embolden the Timid

The timid are an untapped reservoir of potential in a world dominated by risk-takers. Everyone falls below their potential for lack of courage. Boldness: Presses into uncertainty. Attempts the unattempted. Fails and tries… Continue reading

10 Phrases Incompetent Leaders Keep Saying

You can try and fail one or two times. But, persistent failure – in the same area – signals incompetence. Everyone who gets ahead establishes a track record of reliability. You can’t be trusted if… Continue reading

Seven Principles of Passion

Leadership is agony apart from passion. Everyone one who ever made a difference had passion. Nothing of significance is done without it. 5 things that drain passion: Distant leaders. Work without purpose. Labor… Continue reading

10 Ways to Spot a Know-It-All

Everyone else is wrong, when you know you’re right. Their brilliance decreases as you imagine yours going up. There’s an inverse relationship between how smart you think you are and how dumb you think… Continue reading