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7 Ways to be Pigheaded without being a Jackass

Success requires stubbornness. Think Winston Churchill or Gandhi. Be pigheaded about something magnificent. It can’t be done: Successful leaders find energy in challenge and difficulty. Watch what happens when you tell a leader… Continue reading

What I Would Say to My Younger Self

The first time I was asked what advice I would give my younger self, I instantly knew the answer. “Get over yourself.” The trouble with the question is my younger self wouldn’t listen.… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Humble without Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Dear Dan, I have a question regarding your post on Humility. You point out that as leaders we need to provide opportunities for others to shine, so that they even outperform you. Now,… Continue reading

Oh Lord it’s Hard to Be Humble

You never fully become a leader. You can achieve goals, but humility is always pursued. Illusive: All character qualities are illusive. Courage, restraint, and love have new expressions in new circumstances. One day’s… Continue reading

5 Ways to Dig Your Own Well

Your most powerful contributions are the answers you’ve found for yourself. A struggle answered is purpose found. Profundity is relative: What’s simple to you is profound to others. You’ve grown bored with the profound… Continue reading

One Pursuit that Trumps All Others

Energy without practical know-how is futility. Persistent failure reflects lack of practical know-how. Most leaders don’t fail for lack of trying.  If you’re persistently failing – in the same area – you lack… Continue reading