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The 4 Powers of Respect and How to Earn Them

Being respected is better than being liked. Those who need to be liked, end up disrespected. 4 powers of respect: Opportunity. Respect comes before advancement and promotion. Engagement. The danger of disrespect is… Continue reading

5 Ways Talented Leaders Sabotage Themselves

The worst enemy to have is yourself. Others may hold you back, but who can help when you sabotage yourself? External enemies are easy compared to the accuser within. Talented leaders sabotage their leadership when… Continue reading

CA – Caring Anonymous

You care, even though you might feel uncomfortable showing it. Personally, for years, I’ve joked, “I’m from Maine. We have feelings on Christmas Eve and the Fourth of July. I’m not a touchy-feely.”… Continue reading

The Anatomy of Inspiration

Evaluate leaders on their ability to inspire. If I surveyed your team, would they say you inspire them? Any fool can suck the life out of people. Successful leaders aspire to inspire. *Bob… Continue reading

How to Establish Connection with Anyone

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, works for roses, not people. People don’t like “any other name.” They like their own. I’m terrible with names. It might be genetic. I… Continue reading

13 Multipliers that Elevate Average to Remarkable

Small multipliers elevate average to remarkable. Last week, due to flight delays, I arrived at the Hilton around 3:30 a.m. The night clerk greeted me by name, smiled, made sure I had everything I… Continue reading