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7 Reasons People Can’t Wait for you to Stop Talking

It’s pathetic when people listen because they’re afraid not to. People often listen to leaders because they must, not because of respect.  What if people couldn’t wait for you to open your mouth? Seven reasons… Continue reading

Dad Let Me Suffer

Values are nurtured by those we respect. Sometimes the journey is painful. The birth of a value: When I was a kid, living on our dairy farm in Central Maine, I received an… Continue reading

The Question I’ve Never Asked

Two young men, in a small coffee shop, taught me about leadership. George and Tyler left on Christmas Eve to serve at a children’s home in Beirut. They’re back for classes. Yesterday, we… Continue reading

The 7 Powers of Weakness

Don’t wait until you have it “all together” to lead. Arrogant leaders parade strengths. Successful leaders understand the power of weaknesses.  You’re untrustworthy and disqualified from leadership, if you don’t have weaknesses. Authentic leaders are… Continue reading

The 4 Powers of Respect and How to Earn Them

Being respected is better than being liked. Those who need to be liked, end up disrespected. 4 powers of respect: Opportunity. Respect comes before advancement and promotion. Engagement. The danger of disrespect is… Continue reading

5 Ways Talented Leaders Sabotage Themselves

The worst enemy to have is yourself. Others may hold you back, but who can help when you sabotage yourself? External enemies are easy compared to the accuser within. Talented leaders sabotage their leadership when… Continue reading