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How to Become a Light in the Fog

I’ve heard managers complain, “These people just don’t get it.” Poor management is the reason people inside organizations are in the fog. Impose the job of creating clarity on yourself. Stop complaining about people who… Continue reading

How to Hold Millennials Accountable in 7 Steps

(When this post was first published, it came out blank. My apologies for the inconvenience.) For as long as I can remember, the older generation has complained about the younger. “What’s the world… Continue reading

Over-led and Under-managed

Last night I coached a successful leader who turned an organization around. Now he wonders if he’s the one to solve the problems success has created. Successful leadership creates management challenges. Successful management creates leadership challenges. You can’t manage… Continue reading

Become an Artist and Other Secrets to Success

Three keys to Success: #1. Become an artist. Paint a picture of personal success in your mind. Avoid artificial goals like money, power, and prestige. Paint with colors that express your values. Try things… Continue reading

The Long-Nose Leader

You can’t bring out the best in others while looking down your nose. Devalued people perform below their potential. You need a nose job if you: Think about what others do wrong and… Continue reading

10 Questions to Ask when Choosing Leaders

One of the most painful mistakes of leadership is choosing the wrong leaders. The difference between success and failure begins with choosing the right leaders. (And ejecting the wrong.) Three mistakes when choosing leaders: #1. Overlooking introverts.… Continue reading