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How to Be a Genius in Seven Questions

At the beginning, you offer answers. In the end it’s about questions. The right answer is always preceded by the right question. Pressure: Ego inflates when people look to you for answers. As time… Continue reading

How to Energize Yourself and Others

I thought self-awareness was something for dope-smoking hippies. It doesn’t matter how you feel.  Just do your job. But… Lack of self-awareness limits leadership. Self-awareness and energy: Self-management requires self-awareness. Self-awareness enables you… Continue reading

5 Power Tips for Powerful Decisions

Frustration, fear, and stagnation are the result of not making decisions. How many times have you heard, “My boss can’t make a decision.” But, leaders who make rash decisions lose credibility. Success depends… Continue reading

3 Simple Keys to Remarkable Results

Talking about poor performance doesn’t improve performance. Talking about what went wrong doesn’t produce results. You can’t deliver positive results by “not doing” things. Conversations that deliver results face forward. Performance is about what… Continue reading

12 Ways to Overcome Fear and Confront Like a Master

Excellence requires confrontation. Leaders who can’t confront: Live with nagging frustration. Fall below their potential. Lead unremarkable organizations.   4 reasons you avoid confrontation: Self interest. What if they get upset with you?… Continue reading

7 Ways to Enhance Relevance and Increase Influence

You spend the first part of the journey fitting in and pleasing others. In the process you lose relevance. The thing that makes you “other” is the thing that makes you relevant. Fitting in… Continue reading