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The Power of Disadvantage

Olympic athletes Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand and Abbey D’Agostino of the USA tumbled over each other in the women’s 5,000 meter race. It was tragic. But what happened next was magnificent. D’Agostino… Continue reading

She Didn’t Believe – But Others Did

The incompetent may not recognize their ineptitude. It’s called the Dunning-Kruger Effect. I’ve known individuals who had no idea how unskilled they were.  Competence: The research of Dr. David Dunning and Dr. Justin Kruger… Continue reading

15 Ways to Leverage the #1 Contributor to Job Satisfaction for Leadership Success

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports, for two years running, that respectful treatment of all employees at all levels is the #1 contributor to job satisfaction. Compensation, trust, and relationships matter,… Continue reading

The Three Focal Points of Leadership

Unfocused leaders live frantic shallow frustrated lives. Worse yet, they lead unfocused teams. Hopping from one shiny object to the next drains energy and dilutes impact. 4 fundamentals of focus: Focus is clarity of… Continue reading

The Almost – But Not Quite – Leader

Hands go up when I ask, “How many have room to grow as leaders?” But, when I say, “Tell me where you need to grow,” it’s quiet. Heads nod when I say, “Leaders… Continue reading

What to Do When Your Boss is a Wuss

I invited several top leaders, authors, and bloggers to share their wisdom with Leadership Freak readers. Thanks to Karin Hurt for sharing this insightful post filled with advice on dealing with a wussy boss. Laura invited me to… Continue reading