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Three Steps to Great Leadership

Small managers need to feel big. Egotistical managers walk around like they run the place. But, no one enjoys an insecure, heavy handed, meddlesome, leader. Small managers: Throw their weight around. Get huffy when challenged.… Continue reading

7 Ways to Become a Respected Leader

You don’t need position when people respect you. Respect amplifies leadership. Leaders who aren’t respected, depend on position, power, authority, and control. Respect and influence: You have the most influence with those who respect… Continue reading

7 Responses to Employee Complaints

If you aren’t hearing complaints from employees: People are lying. Culture is broken. Fear blocks honesty. Things are worse than you think. Tension bubbles under the surface until it erupts, for leaders who… Continue reading

10 Ways to Discern Rather than Condemn

Foolish leaders believe pointing out what went wrong inspires people to do better. You can’t condemn and inspire at the same time. Discerning leaders hunt for things that are going right. Condemning leaders point out what… Continue reading

7 Ways to Put In More Than You Take Out

You’re a black hole, if all you think about is what you need from others. Great leaders give more than they take. 4 things that drain people: Expectation without appreciation. You aren’t thankful… Continue reading

Cows and New Gates

Cows, like people, are creatures of habit. Dairy cows wear paths in fields from walking the same route to the barn, day after day. If you move the gate, they’ll walk to where… Continue reading