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A Little Embarrassed

Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth.  Upon reflection, I’m a little embarrassed by a question I asked Bill George, author of the new and updated version of, Discover Your True North.… Continue reading

The Leadership Behavior Employees Most Want

We often search for the most important thing. Christine Porath, associate professor at Georgetown University, along with other researchers, believe the leadership behavior that employees most want is respect. 48% of people who experience… Continue reading

How to Hold People Accountable

Successful leaders believe in accountability. When I say, “Leaders hold people accountable,” who comes to mind? Employees, right? Authentic leaders think of themselves, as well as others, when they think of accountability. Authority… Continue reading

The Real Work of Leaders

Leading begins when the performance of others becomes top priority. The real work of leaders: Create environments where people love coming to work. I just got off the phone with Jim Whitehurst, CEO of… Continue reading

10 Things We All Want From Our Leaders

Success includes avoiding useless behaviors, paying attention to people, and tending to small things. 12 things we wish our leaders would stop: Tolerating high performers who act like jerks. Avoiding tough issues. Giving… Continue reading

When Effort is High But Performance is Low

Feedback is the issue when effort is high but performance is low. Poor performance persists until feedback – awareness and development – confronts it. Feedback protects people from spinning their wheels. Effort, apart from feedback,… Continue reading