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What if…

Stop asking, “What about?” Start asking, “What if?” What if the people you’re trying to please approved of you? How would you spend your energy? Living to please others is serving fear. Serve… Continue reading

Sudden Breakthroughs in Subtle Blind Spots

Successful leaders have the wonderful capacity to tragically misjudge themselves. We snicker or cringe at people who believe they’re great singers, when they can’t carry a tune. But, what if you’re that person?… Continue reading

Only 15% of Top Performers are High Potentials

Your ability to cultivate people determines your impact in the world. Surprisingly, only 15% of top performers* are likely to be high potentials (HiPo). Performance is easy to spot. But, if you want… Continue reading

The CEO of Ace® Hardware on Leadership

I asked the CEO of the largest home improvement franchise company in the world, Ace® Hardware, what others saw in him as a leader. He started talking about definitions. Define what leaders do… Continue reading

The 4 Powers of Respect and How to Earn Them

Being respected is better than being liked. Those who need to be liked, end up disrespected. 4 powers of respect: Opportunity. Respect comes before advancement and promotion. Engagement. The danger of disrespect is… Continue reading

The Leadership Pursuit that Enhances All Others

Short-sighted leaders love giving feedback, but seldom seek it. When was the last time you said, “I’d like your feedback.” Leaders don’t invite feedback because they don’t want it. You may say you don’t have… Continue reading