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12 Dos and Don’ts For Butting Heads Successfully

Everything worth doing encounters friction. Important issues ignite strong emotion. 12 don’ts for butting heads successfully: Don’t: Talk over things with affirming friends who take your side rather than exploring issues. Rush to judgement. A… Continue reading

12 Problems with Strong Personalities

The problem with strong personalities (SP’s) is their ability for good is matched by their ability to harm. All strong personalities, in some ways, are jerks. 12 problems with strong personalities: Don’t play well with others.… Continue reading

Why We Can’t Say “NO” and How to Find “YES”

Focus is finding a big “YES” and saying “no” a thousand times. Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m learning to say, ‘No’.” They haven’t found their big “YES.”   10 reasons leaders… Continue reading

15 Ways to Deal with Strong People

The depth of the team determines the height of success. A team of strong people goes further, faster, if they all pull together. 15 ways to deal with strong people: See strength in irritation.… Continue reading

6 Core Skills of a Leader who Develops Talent

Leaders face turbulent situations, diverse personalities, and multiple opportunities all while developing talent. Talent development is the best development. Coaching-leaders passionately develop talent and deliver results at the same time. Coaching: Powerful conversations are… Continue reading

16 Ways to be the Leader of Choice

Know and maximize the value you bring others. Would you choose to follow you? Why would anyone follow you? 16 ways to be the leader of choice: Succeed in an arena that matters to… Continue reading