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The Real Focus of Successful Leaders

Control, for the most part, is illusion. What happens when you try to control something outside your control? Anxiety. Stress. Fear. Frustration. Pressuring. Manipulation. Resentment. Control as manipulation: Attempts to control things outside our… Continue reading

16 Ways to Defeat Boredom and Lead Training People Love

Poorly run training is worse than a poke in the eye.  I’m an Advisory Mentor for the Queen’s Young Leaders. I typically Skype, but yesterday a mentee from Nigeria sent three questions via… Continue reading

Companies Choose Unqualified Managers 82% of the Time

Only one in ten people have the talent to manage. No wonder, according to Gallup, companies choose unqualified managers 82% of the time. If you disagree with Gallup’s findings, establish a criteria for… Continue reading

How Two Mistakes Resulted in a $150 Million Business

Mistakes aren’t the end of the world. Sometimes they’re the beginning. Beginnings:  Paula Swain convinced her husband to leave a 15 year career to start a business from scratch on wrong information. He… Continue reading

How to Stay Focused on What Matters Most

At the end of the day you’re spent, but wonder what you achieved. The path to success is doing what matters most. The seduction of busyness obscures what matters most. What matters most: The persistent… Continue reading

The Purpose of Leadership

It’s tragic that the ranks of leadership include hirelings who serve for paychecks, rather than purpose. Leadership is a calling, not a career. One purpose-driven leader is worth a thousand hirelings. Money matters,… Continue reading