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12 Ways to Outgrow Oppressive Environments

Rules, restrictions, and hierarchy make us small. Greatness assumes freedom. Men and women languish under oppression and die for freedom. Yet, organizations often cling to heavy-handed methods to get things done. 5 benefits of… Continue reading

What if you’re not that Smart

Don’t worry if you aren’t the smartest person in the room; stay curious and work hard. Curiosity and hard work takes leaders further than indulgent intelligence. If you’re intelligent, stay curious and work hard. If… Continue reading

16 Ways to Get to the Truth

Insulated leaders don’t ask, because they don’t want to know. You are less than you could be, because people aren’t telling you the truth.   4 surprising reasons employees don’t speak up: Positive suggestions create more… Continue reading

How to Reach the Ultimate Goal of Leadership

Getting things done is the lesser goal of leadership. The ultimate goal of leadership is nothing less than transformation. The biggest roadblock to transformation, within organizations, is the false belief that information is… Continue reading

One Day You Begin to Believe

One day you begin to believe and everything changes. “Everything you will ever do as a leader is based on one audacious assumption. It’s the assumption that you matter.” The Truth about Leadership,… Continue reading

The Power of Awkward

People view the world through the eyes of their strength. Ms. Organization believes systems and structure are the answer. Mrs. Truth believes you should confront issues and kick some butt. Mr. Tenderheart, on the other… Continue reading