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Solution Saturday – 10 Ways to Build Vulnerability into Culture

Faking drains, but vulnerability ignites. I often encouraged audiences to embrace the power of vulnerability. During the Q&A at a recent presentation one participant asked how to build vulnerability into his organization. The five functions… Continue reading

The Proximity Principle

The Proximity Principle: Leaders tend to serve people they see, touch, and spend time with. Leaders who huddle rather than mingle grow inward and serve each other. Distance allows detachment. Detached leaders falsely believe the work… Continue reading

The Anatomy of Inspiration

Evaluate leaders on their ability to inspire. If I surveyed your team, would they say you inspire them? Any fool can suck the life out of people. Successful leaders aspire to inspire. *Bob… Continue reading

A Little Embarrassed

Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth.  Upon reflection, I’m a little embarrassed by a question I asked Bill George, author of the new and updated version of, Discover Your True North.… Continue reading

The Leadership Behavior Employees Most Want

We often search for the most important thing. Christine Porath, associate professor at Georgetown University, along with other researchers, believe the leadership behavior that employees most want is respect. 48% of people who experience… Continue reading

How to Hold People Accountable

Successful leaders believe in accountability. When I say, “Leaders hold people accountable,” who comes to mind? Employees, right? Authentic leaders think of themselves, as well as others, when they think of accountability. Authority… Continue reading