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Terminal Cancer Isn’t Distracting Super Bowl Coach Bruce DeHaven

Would you show up for work if you knew you were dying of cancer? Special team’s coach Bruce DeHaven of the Carolina Panthers didn’t miss a practice all season, even though he was diagnosed… Continue reading

Three Anchors to Release Before You Fly

Only a fools expect to get ahead with anchors tied to their feet. But, everyday, leaders cling to beliefs and behaviors that prevent success. Success requires letting go. The saddest decisions are the ones… Continue reading

Four Ways to Reach The Leader’s Ultimate Goal

Lousy leaders are over-involved and frantic. The leader’s ultimate goal is building teams that excel without them. #1. Identify influencers. Look beyond job titles or positions that may obscure true influencers in your organization. The… Continue reading

The 10 Practices of Coaching-Leaders Pt. 1

Top talent doesn’t like being told what to do. Authoritarian leaders are becoming dinosaurs.  Expect to coach, if you expect to lead. The practices of coaching maximize talent and enable fulfillment. The 10… Continue reading

Don Henley on the Death of Glenn Frey

Stay open. You’re never know who might make a difference in your life. Don Henley, reflecting on the death of Glenn Frey, said, “I’m not sure I believe in fate, but I know that crossing… Continue reading

What Gratitude Really Means

It doesn’t matter how much you accomplish in the world, there’s a voice in your head that wonders if you might matter more. Successful leaders overcome their inner accuser, even if it isn’t silenced.… Continue reading