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Lost in the Mirror

The purpose of self-reflection is finding the capacity to bring your best self to challenges and opportunities, not self-obsession. Find yourself to lose yourself. Who you are defines how you serve best. Obsession: A… Continue reading

12 Things to do When You Feel Like Quitting

Sometimes you feel like quitting. It might be after a big win or before a huge challenge. Maybe progress is slow or the goal is out of sight. Quitting is most tempting when pushing… Continue reading

10 Questions to Ask when Choosing Leaders

One of the most painful mistakes of leadership is choosing the wrong leaders. The difference between success and failure begins with choosing the right leaders. (And ejecting the wrong.) Three mistakes when choosing leaders: #1. Overlooking introverts.… Continue reading

The Big Five of Remarkable Leadership

The good news is – with focus, passion, and commitment – you can move toward remarkable leadership. The big five of remarkable leadership: #1. Have enough ego to believe you earned your place… Continue reading

We Have Met the Enemy

You come to a point when you realize you are at the center of your deepest frustrations. What you do then, determines your destiny. Growth begins with the realization that you are the problem,… Continue reading

5 Ways to Dig Your Own Well

Your most powerful contributions are the answers you’ve found for yourself. A struggle answered is purpose found. Profundity is relative: What’s simple to you is profound to others. You’ve grown bored with the profound… Continue reading