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5 Ways to Know When to Let the Tiger Out

Extraordinary strength in a person with a strong personality (SP) is a potent opportunity for advantage or destruction. Don’t dial back your strong personality. Choose when to let the tiger out. A CIO with an SP… Continue reading

He Touched Me!

We vacationed with three kids and a dog. We didn’t have a mini-van. The kids had coloring books and each other. Back then, cars weren’t equipped with video monitors or individual headphones. I always… Continue reading

16 Ways to be the Leader of Choice

Know and maximize the value you bring others. Would you choose to follow you? Why would anyone follow you? 16 ways to be the leader of choice: Succeed in an arena that matters to… Continue reading

The Secret to Your Future

Your character is your future. Leadership is first about character then skill. Character is: Behavior you compel yourself to do. Attitudes and actions you resort to when stressed. The way you act when… Continue reading

10 Things I Learned From People Who Drive Me Nuts

The most annoying thing about annoying people is they help us grow. Personal growth centers on two types of people, the ones we like and the ones that drive us crazy. The people who… Continue reading

If You Were Gone in Twelve Months

I made a decision late in 2014 that I would lead like I’ll be gone in 12 months. I’m not planning on being gone. I didn’t make an announcement. I’m just acting and… Continue reading