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Solution Saturday: They Won’t Own Mistakes

Hi Dan, I have an issue with some of my team where if they make a mistake they don’t own it. They deflect and change the subject. They never admit they did the… Continue reading

What to Do When New Leaders Screw Up

Screwing up and growth are connected. Seth and Les Gold, tru TV stars of the reality show Hardcore Pawn, interviewed me for their Gold Tone podcast on CBS playit. They’re facing the challenges of… Continue reading

7 Deadly Mistakes You Must Avoid

You don’t need to learn from these mistakes, you need to avoid them. Seven deadly mistakes you must avoid: #1. Neglecting small wins. You need some big wins. How you achieve them is what… Continue reading

3 Ways Leaders Drive People Nuts

Imagine the person on your team who drives you nuts. Realize you drive others crazy, too, but they’re afraid to tell you. A leader’s quirks, inconsistencies, and weaknesses should be addressed, not tolerated. 3 ways… Continue reading

The Five Biggest Mistakes New Leaders Make

  Inexperience is opportunity. Learning from mistakes promotes growth and develops confidence. But making unnecessary mistakes is foolish. Don’t learn everything from personal experience. You grow the most at the beginning. Wise leaders learn from the… Continue reading

Persistence Over Reflection and Other Leadership Blunders

Mistake #1: Not learning from mistakes. My biggest mistake was not learning quickly from mistakes. I chose persistence over reflection. Solutions: Reflect on relationships. Move quickly toward failing relationships to see if they… Continue reading