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Solution Saturday: Maintaining Motivation

It’s “Solution Saturday” and Ken asks how to maintain motivation two or three weeks after a layoff, for example? Patterns make or break you, not one moment. Success is a series of decisions… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: How to Inspire

Today is the first Saturday of an experiment I’m calling “Solution Saturday.” Julie asks, “How do you truly inspire people?” 17 ways to truly inspire. Realize true inspiration is internal. People inspire themselves.… Continue reading

How to Use Doubt and Belief as Motivation

Doubt inspires fear and insecurity, usually. Belief inspires boldness. Doubt as motivation: “I’m not sure you can do it,” motivates those driven to prove you wrong. Doubt fuels performance when seven things are true. You… Continue reading

Why My Wife Swats Flies before Riding Bulls

My wife and I joke that she can’t walk out of the house without emptying the dishwasher. She takes care of small things before tackling big. Detail-people swats flies before riding bulls. Flies distract. Swatting flies… Continue reading

7 Ways to Succeed at Telling People What to Do

Being told what to do eliminates ambiguity, uncertainty, and confusion. When I travel, I’m often told where to go, who to meet, what time to be there. Before going on stage, for example,… Continue reading

Junk Food Motivation

Fear, pressure, coercion, rewards, or nagging get results but undermine leadership. Threats or bribes motivate conformity. Like junk food, they feel good going down but cause regret later. “You cannot be intrinsically and… Continue reading