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Managing the Second Thing

Obstacles make leaders relevant. Exemption is not an option. Positive thinking never eliminates obstacles. Doing great work doesn’t give you a pass on challenges, resistance, frustrations, complications, disadvantages, impediments, or hurdles. Obstacles are two… Continue reading

7 Ways to Look the Beast in the Eye

Optimism is foolish when it makes light of challenges. A little overconfidence inspires courage, but swagger goes wrong when it makes light of hairy beasts. Go ahead and overestimate your strengths a little,… Continue reading

3 Surprising Ways to Get the Most from Screw Ups

The purpose of reflecting on past performance is improvement, not beating yourself up. My insides shrivel when I think about dumb things I’ve said and done. It happened recently during a Q&A session… Continue reading

Pessimists Can’t Lead: 7 Ways to Find Optimism

Don’t imagine you energize others by reminding them they fall short. Negative leaders bring up opportunities in ways that make people feel like losers. “You should have been doing this all along.”  Pessimists suggest there’s… Continue reading

Four Ways to Become a One Word Organization

I’ve been practicing, “One Word,” for three years. It’s a fascinating practice that I learned from Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page. “Ask,” is my word for 2016. One word for organizations:… Continue reading

7 Ways Leaders Promote Unhappiness

Unhappiness is easier than happiness like lousy leadership is easier than remarkable.  The best way to promote unhappiness is to neglect happiness. Leaders who neglect happiness lead unhappy teams. 7 ways leaders promote unhappiness: Waste… Continue reading