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The Real Truth About Dreams

It doesn’t matter how inspired you feel, if others don’t feel it.  Martin Luther King Jr. inspired people, not because he had a dream, but because others felt the dream in themselves. You… Continue reading

The Question I’ve Never Asked

Two young men, in a small coffee shop, taught me about leadership. George and Tyler left on Christmas Eve to serve at a children’s home in Beirut. They’re back for classes. Yesterday, we… Continue reading

Six Ways to Move Your Team Toward Tenacity

Leaders call themselves and others to discomfort, not ease. If it’s easy to achieve, it’s below your potential.  The more meaningful your dream, the more it requires of you. Breakthroughs occur at the collision… Continue reading

Yapping Dogs Make Lousy Leaders

Yapping dogs make irritating leaders. Successful leaders don’t run around barking.  Don’t aspire to lead because you want to tell people what to do. Seek to release, not control. Talented people don’t enjoy being barked at.… Continue reading

The Question to Answer in 2016

It’s tragic when leaders piss away their energy and talent on things that don’t matter. If at the end of the day, you wonder what you did, it didn’t matter. The question to answer in a pressure-packed world… Continue reading

Optimistic Discontent

Hope is optimistic discontent. Every act of leadership is an act of optimism. Pessimists can’t lead. Any form of contentment that induces slumber degrades you. Be content with your present and discontent with your… Continue reading