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How to Expand Power

When leaders control followers, followers lose power. Control is a zero sum game until leaders use their power to expand the power of others. Two choices for the disempowered: Disempowered people have two basic… Continue reading

The Almost – But Not Quite – Leader

Hands go up when I ask, “How many have room to grow as leaders?” But, when I say, “Tell me where you need to grow,” it’s quiet. Heads nod when I say, “Leaders… Continue reading

7 Ways to Advise the Boss and Advance Your Career

Wise bosses seek advice. Foolish bosses always know. 7 ways to advise the boss and advance your career: #1. Make the boss feel understood. Clarify the boss’s goals, intentions, and assumptions. Repeat your understanding of… Continue reading

5 Ways to Deal with Jackholiness

Jackholes are part jackass, part asshole. No one is quite good enough for a jackhole. Jackholes can’t tolerate: Mistakes. Others make all the mistakes in jackhole land. Falling short. Jackholes don’t fall short. Weakness.… Continue reading

10 Reasons You’re Always Pushing People

Slackers want something for nothing. Talent yearns for opportunity. In between, discouraged middlers slave away. Push slackers and they’ll despise you. Push talent and they’ll thank you. Middlers are development opportunities. 10 reasons you’re… Continue reading

12 Promises to My Future Self

I’m often asked what advice I’d give to my younger self. Trouble is, my younger self wouldn’t listen. “What would I say to my future self?” is a more interesting question. Dear Future… Continue reading