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How to Disrupt Your Way to Exponential Growth

Leave a comment on this post to become eligible to win one of fifteen copies of, “Disrupt Yourself,” by Whitney Johnson. *** You inevitably arrive at a place where disruption is the only… Continue reading

Solution Saturday – 10 Ways to Build Vulnerability into Culture

Faking drains, but vulnerability ignites. I often encouraged audiences to embrace the power of vulnerability. During the Q&A at a recent presentation one participant asked how to build vulnerability into his organization. The five functions… Continue reading

One Sentence That Changed Everything

A young woman taught me a leadership lesson this morning. We were discussing how to integrate a new person into a project. My approach: My approach was to explain the project, and develop… Continue reading

CA – Caring Anonymous

You care, even though you might feel uncomfortable showing it. Personally, for years, I’ve joked, “I’m from Maine. We have feelings on Christmas Eve and the Fourth of July. I’m not a touchy-feely.”… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Breakthrough Moments

Cowards love procrastination. Aspiring authors would kill for the opportunities that come my way. But, I’ve procrastinated on writing a book for three years. I’m afraid of it. Fear blocks possibility. Readers can’t understand… Continue reading

The Principle of the Rope

George asked, “Do you ever feel pressure?” He was thinking about the breadth and depth of the Leadership Freak audience, as well as, the rigorous writing schedule I maintain. George is one of… Continue reading