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How to Find Your Great Contribution

Every act of service enhances your worth. As time passes, if you’re fortunate, you’ll make meaningful contributions to growing numbers of individuals, organizations, and communities. The more competent you become the more opportunities you… Continue reading

10 Essentials for Exponential Growth

Every time you accept an unsatisfying present you shrivel and die a little. You don’t have to change everything. But, you have to change something. Stop thinking about growth and get busy growing.… Continue reading

3 Surprising Secrets to Finding Your Next Level

Powerful impact requires self-development. Those who make a difference trust their talent, expand their skill, and develop their strength. Lack of self-development is lost potential. Self-development isn’t selfish when you’re dedicated to serving… Continue reading

How to Transform Negative Environments

The more you think about what’s wrong, the more wrong you see. Your job isn’t fixing, correcting, and improving. It’s creating environments where others fix, correct, and improve. Criticism deflates. Approval energizes. Praise… Continue reading

16 Ways to Lead Through Sadness

Some of the world’s great leaders held hands with sadness, Lincoln and Churchill for example. It wouldn’t surprise me if you do too. Sadness isn’t the end of leadership. It may be a beginning.… Continue reading

Getting the Most From 5 People in Your Past

A dissatisfying past produces a dissatisfying future. But, dissatisfaction is just a way of thinking. 7 responses to your past: Justify yourself. You were right and they were wrong. Assign blame. You failed because… Continue reading