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How to Dance with Tough Issues Long Enough to Do Some Real Good

The deadly sin of tough conversations is going halfway. Discomfort causes some leaders to cut them short. Work up enough courage to dance with tough issues long enough to do some real good. Halfway… Continue reading

How to be Authentic Even When You’re Crazy Busy

Unfocused busyness leads to meaningless contribution. You get so busy that you forget who you are and what you’re really trying to accomplish. The secret to meaningful busyness is direction and reflection. Direction:… Continue reading

10 Simple Strategies to Improve Performance Conversations and Change Trajectory

Many teams are afraid to discuss the source of success – performance. 10 reasons performance conversations suck: The dynamic is from superior to inferior, rather than partnership.  One person pulls the rope in… Continue reading

One Essential Key To Becoming a Better Leader

You don’t become a better leader by thinking about becoming a better leader. You become a better leader by test driving untested behaviors. Lead a meeting in a new way. Try leading from the… Continue reading

How to Manage the Energy You Create

The impact of your leadership is measured by the effect you have on others. Manage the splash: You always impact those around you. Even if people turn from you, you have impact. Some… Continue reading

Remarkable Leadership Begins Unremarkably

Sometimes I think dreaming big is a cowardly excuse for doing nothing. If we dream big enough, we can justify inaction today. Nothing’s ever big enough to achieve really big dreams. Leadership is earned… Continue reading