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10 Ways to be Wide for Those Who Feel Superior

Nothing limits leaders more than believing they can succeed without others. Superiority, masquerading as self-confidence, makes leaders look down on others. Marginalizing people limits their potential and yours. People expand your leadership, if you… Continue reading

How Confusion Gives Way to Clarity

I often receive emails that include things like, “Do you have any suggestions or advice?” Occasionally, I ask if they’d like to talk. These calls are part listening and advising, but mostly, they’re… Continue reading

Seven Ways to Rise by Letting Go

Frustration is hoping for change while clinging to the past. The first step into your future is letting go of what stopped working.   6 ways to know you R.U.S.T.E.D. and it’s time to let… Continue reading

How to Be a Genius in Seven Questions

At the beginning, you offer answers. In the end it’s about questions. The right answer is always preceded by the right question. Pressure: Ego inflates when people look to you for answers. As time… Continue reading

Well Excuuuuse Me!

Excuse-making is a failure pretending to succeed. No one gets it right all the time. The issue is response. Excuses are the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie. Temptation: A member… Continue reading

Seven Steps to New Leadership

You could be more. Can you live with that? Leaders don’t. There’s hope if you’re unhappy. Contentment chokes growth. 7 Steps to New Leadership: #1. Distress fuels discontent and drives urgency. Every step… Continue reading