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10 Smart Questions that Challenge the Drift Toward Irrelevance

Organizations, apart from intervention, always drift toward irrelevance. Leaders look like fools when they challenge comfortable patterns. Use courage and tact when challenging drift. Don’t unnecessarily offend those you’re working to influence. 10 smart… Continue reading

12 Neglected Questions Successful Leaders Keep Asking

Wrong questions turn people’s attention to distracting issues. You hinder progress when you distract your team. Distractions cause damage. Questions establish focus. Wrong questions: Don’t ask about details when dreams are forming. Details kill… Continue reading

7 Ways to Inspire Enlightenment with Curiosity

Wisdom is first seen in the questions you ask. Good questions inform. Great questions enlighten. 7 ways to inspire enlightenment with curiosity: #1. Slow and simple is better than fast and complex. Great… Continue reading

Patterns That Served You Well in the Past

Warning: Life’s ruts start feeling like well-worn jeans. Every morning you slip into patterns that served you well in the past. You need a kick in the pants to reignite the adventure. I said:… Continue reading

A Life Changing Experiment Anyone can Do

It might be slow, but complacency is death. The danger of complacency is you don’t see your own smug self-satisfaction. In dying organizations, “I’ve got it all together and I don’t need to change,”… Continue reading

Seven Ways to Not-Know Like a Leader

Pretending you know, when you don’t, makes you intentionally ignorant. Confusion is the point of opportunity, if you have the courage to not-know. Four dangers for all knowing leaders: Pretending you know is an act… Continue reading