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How to Transform Negative Environments

The more you think about what’s wrong, the more wrong you see. Your job isn’t fixing, correcting, and improving. It’s creating environments where others fix, correct, and improve. Criticism deflates. Approval energizes. Praise… Continue reading

12 Problems with Strong Personalities

The problem with strong personalities (SP’s) is their ability for good is matched by their ability to harm. All strong personalities, in some ways, are jerks. 12 problems with strong personalities: Don’t play well with others.… Continue reading

Why We Can’t Say “NO” and How to Find “YES”

Focus is finding a big “YES” and saying “no” a thousand times. Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m learning to say, ‘No’.” They haven’t found their big “YES.”   10 reasons leaders… Continue reading

15 Ways to Deal with Strong People

The depth of the team determines the height of success. A team of strong people goes further, faster, if they all pull together. 15 ways to deal with strong people: See strength in irritation.… Continue reading

The Cure for Sad Organizations

Vibrant organizations build on positives. Sad organizations are led by leaders who focus on what’s wrong. Not so bad after all: Those who focus on ugliness become ugly themselves. I listened to a… Continue reading

12 Questions that Move Dreams to Reality

Meaningful success requires strategy. Dreams are easy; strategy makes you sweat. Dreams without strategy are: Ships without rudders. Passions without direction. Excuses for stagnation. Comfort to irresponsible leaders. Hopes without substance. Rudy Giuliani said,… Continue reading