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The 7 Pursuits of Successful Leaders

Neglect self-development at the cost of potential. Prioritize the acquisition of practical know-how in order to maximize impact. Wisdom is practical know-how, not theory. The 7 pursuits of successful leaders: Practical know-how. Meaningful contribution.… Continue reading

Breaking the Glum-Leader Syndrome

I’ve met some unhappy leaders. Perhaps they love position, power, prestige, or the paycheck. But, they drain energy from people and teams. Unhappy leaders lead unhappy teams. Do something else if leading makes you… Continue reading

The Cure for Tweak-Boss

Don’t come around – after the job is done – with your pearls of wisdom! If you know the best way to do it, either do it yourself, or explain how you want… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Dangling Carrots

Mary, (Fictitious name), was offered the opportunity to earn a seat at the corporate table. A current team member plans to step down in two or three years. She assumed new responsibilities, while still… Continue reading

The Thing I Hate About Planning

Everyone needs to feel responsible, not relieved, when planning meetings are over. A collective sigh of relief at the end of planning sessions predicts disaster. 15 factors for creating great plans: Try things for awhile. Figure… Continue reading

15 Ways to Tap the Power of Gratitude

Ungratefulness spoils everything it touches. Ungratefulness slithers out of a black muck that’s called, “don’t like,” “don’t want,” “don’t have,” and, “not enough.” There is no positive side to the slimy beast of ungratefulness. Gratitude… Continue reading