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Managing the Second Thing

Obstacles make leaders relevant. Exemption is not an option. Positive thinking never eliminates obstacles. Doing great work doesn’t give you a pass on challenges, resistance, frustrations, complications, disadvantages, impediments, or hurdles. Obstacles are two… Continue reading

12 Things to do When You Feel Like Quitting

Sometimes you feel like quitting. It might be after a big win or before a huge challenge. Maybe progress is slow or the goal is out of sight. Quitting is most tempting when pushing… Continue reading

7 Ways to Look the Beast in the Eye

Optimism is foolish when it makes light of challenges. A little overconfidence inspires courage, but swagger goes wrong when it makes light of hairy beasts. Go ahead and overestimate your strengths a little,… Continue reading

The Go-With Leader

Sometimes you blaze a trail. Other times, you lead from behind. The go-with leader walks beside. Do-for leaders: Compassionate leaders lean toward over-help. They jump in too soon. They solve other people’s struggles… Continue reading

3 Habits That Make You Dumb, Regardless of Your IQ

Intelligence and talent aren’t the core components of remarkable leadership. Smart leaders do dumb things. Cocky talent relies too heavily on abilities. 3 habits that make you dumb, regardless of your IQ: Resent the… Continue reading

Become an Artist and Other Secrets to Success

Three keys to Success: #1. Become an artist. Paint a picture of personal success in your mind. Avoid artificial goals like money, power, and prestige. Paint with colors that express your values. Try things… Continue reading