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Don’t Pressure Timid People to be Brave

Fear might feel safe, but leadership requires boldness. Fear congeals the past. Boldness builds the future. Fear is survival-mode. Boldness is opportunity-mode. Boldness follows hope. 4 ways to build bold teams: Provide training. Celebrate mistakes.… Continue reading

The Race to Insignificance or Issues of Greatness

Life’s darkest frustrations hover over the gap between feeling unimportant and hoping to be significant. Desires for greatness are holy. No one wakes up in the morning with burning desires to be trivial.… Continue reading

4 Secrets to Winning

Don’t go through the motions for one more day. Survival might be success during crisis, but it’s failure over the long-term. Define success in order to win. Purpose defines winning. You must know why you… Continue reading

The Secret to Solving Problems

It’s easy to make others responsible for problems in your organization. Someone else fell short. It couldn’t be you! When leaders blame, everyone blames. Blame is the reason problems persist. If you’re a leader, look… Continue reading

7 Steps Toward Authenticity

(Warning: This post is approximately 350 words!) “Do you think we have to fight to be our true selves?” The question came from a busy leader with global impact. I replied, “The fight… Continue reading

The Crazy Badge of Honor

Busy is a badge of honor in business circles. But, running around like a chicken with its head cut off isn’t a sign of importance. We falsely believe that busyness reflects significance. “Crazy… Continue reading