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The 7 Pursuits of Successful Leaders

Neglect self-development at the cost of potential. Prioritize the acquisition of practical know-how in order to maximize impact. Wisdom is practical know-how, not theory. The 7 pursuits of successful leaders: Practical know-how. Meaningful contribution.… Continue reading

10 Words of Advice for Advice Givers

The number one complaint of advice givers is people don’t listen. If you enjoy giving advice, chill out. You might be qualified to give advice if you’re reluctant to give it. I’ve never met… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Punched in the Gut

Sometimes life punches you in the gut. Good Day Dan! How do you feel comfortable letting go when you are being forced to move down your life path – when you didn’t think you… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: How Organizations Become Great at Developing Great People

Four organizations recently asked me how they might enhance their people-development efforts. In the end, it’s a question about the future. The people on your team reflect the future of your organization. Great… Continue reading

The Most Important Thing About Us

Incompetent leaders are pushed around by negative environments. Skillful leaders create positive environments and manage emotion. The way people feel, while they work, is leadership’s opportunity. You can’t control people’s feelings, but you can create interactions… Continue reading

7 Powerful People-Tasks You can do Today

Great people accomplish great things. The question is, how to develop and maximize greatness in others. 5 things you can do with people: Understand and accept them. Correct and punish them. Honor and reward them.… Continue reading