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How to Bridge the Values Gap and Find Vitality

Leave a comment on this post to become eligible to win one of twenty free copies of, “The 3 Gaps,” by Hyrum Smith. *** “Gaps in our lives drain the positive power to… Continue reading

Dad Let Me Suffer

Values are nurtured by those we respect. Sometimes the journey is painful. The birth of a value: When I was a kid, living on our dairy farm in Central Maine, I received an… Continue reading

3 Lessons from Giving Away my Wife’s Money

I cashed my wife’s $48 check and determined to give it away. A few days later we found ourselves in line behind a young couple in a department store. She’s holding a small package of diapers.… Continue reading

The Most Important New System You Could Implement in 2016

Leaders spend too much time crafting values statements and too little putting them into practice. The work isn’t crafting values; it’s living them. The most important new system you could implement is one that enables… Continue reading

How to Seize the Biggest Missed Opportunity in Meetings

The higher you go in an organization, the more time you spend in meetings. Meetings are untapped opportunities to build culture. Live your values in meetings. Treat people – in the conference room… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Praise for Over-commitment

I told George, “A life that matters is lived in service to others. The more you serve – the more you matter.” George, being a thoughtful young leader, began talking about over-commitment and… Continue reading