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Giving Teeth to the Lion

Organizations without guiding values have lost control of their identity and future. Values guide during good times, anchor during tough times, and create stability during change. One of my leadership blunders was focusing… Continue reading

15 Ways to Deal with Strong People

The depth of the team determines the height of success. A team of strong people goes further, faster, if they all pull together. 15 ways to deal with strong people: See strength in irritation.… Continue reading

The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Over-committed leaders may be remarkable for a while, then they aren’t. Over-commitment dilutes and destroys. Cracks and work: Things are falling through the cracks. I love hard work. I don’t want to work less.… Continue reading

How Values Expedite Connection and Integration

We’re integrating a new team member. I asked her about values. Her first words were about excellence. Values as points of integration and connection: She’ll interact with team members with their own personal values.… Continue reading

How to Get the Most From Irritating People

You don’t want to understand irritating people. You want to control, correct, or eject them. Leaders who don’t understand irritating people resort to authority and miss opportunity. Influence and personal growth decline in proportion… Continue reading

Seven Ways to Spot Advice You Should Follow

Wise leaders listen to wise leaders. But, the danger of seeking advice is listening to fools. Avoid advice from arrogant know-it-alls who are eager to tell you what to do. 3 ways to… Continue reading