How to Be Yourself While Becoming Yourself

New behaviors feel like showing up for dinner dressed like Micky Mouse. Frustration and disappointment are more comfortable than the discomfort of feeling inauthentic when you try on new leadership behaviors. People say, “Be yourself.” But how can… Continue reading

How to Kick Your Inner Critic in the Pants and Move Forward

Your inner critic believes you’re a failure and wants you to stay that way. An inner finger-pointer comes from two places. Inner critics are the imagined voice of accusing authority figures and negative family members from… Continue reading

4 Steps on the Path to the Highest Good

Change may begin with declaration, but change efforts sputter until leaders change their own behaviors. 4 steps on the path to the highest good: #1. Paint a picture of the medium-term highest good.… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Distracted by Urgencies

Dear Dan, The post I read today resonated with me and raised a question. Your comment: “Some are blind to their strengths; others to their weaknesses.” I have been so immersed in the… Continue reading

How to Deal with Performance Issues and Not Lose Your Mind

Silence when people don’t perform lets everyone know performance doesn’t matter. 7 causes of poor performance: #1. Management makes it nearly impossible to say no. When employees can’t say no to your face,… Continue reading

The Real Truth About Empowerment Pt. 2

The danger of power is the illusion that you know more than those who don’t have it. “Power is the ability to afford not to learn.” Karl Deutsch What you do when you… Continue reading