The Behavior Leaders Fail at Most

The research of Kouzes and Posner indicates that seeking feedback is the behavior leaders fail at the most.* Useful feedback enables you to compare self-perception with the perception of others. Experience shows that the… Continue reading

Finding Your Greatest Contribution

The worst thing in life is recurring frustration that could be avoided. In life, everyone repeats until they learn. Your greatest contributions are the answers you find while navigating tough times – storms. The… Continue reading

A Little Embarrassed

Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth.  Upon reflection, I’m a little embarrassed by a question I asked Bill George, author of the new and updated version of, Discover Your True North.… Continue reading

Lessons from Abraham and Joseph

I asked Facebook followers for a title for today’s post. “How leaders of today can learn from leaders in the Bible,” received the most thumbs up. Abraham: Abraham stepped out when he wasn’t… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Dishonest and Boasting

This email arrived a couple days ago. Would you please write about leaders who bulldoze, have poor communication skills, lack follow-through, present dishonestly, blame others for their weak areas, yet continually boast about… Continue reading

7 Ways to Make Team Meetings Work Today

Team meetings that don’t work drain vitality. We’ve all been there. The leader is in love with their own voice, for example. When everyone groans before team meetings, it’s time to: Restructure the way… Continue reading