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5 Ways to Face the Challenges of Coaching Teammates

The challenge of coaching teammates is technical skill. You know how to do their job the “right” way, if you’ve been promoted up the ranks. Or, at least you think you know. Don’t explore… Continue reading

How To Coach Frustrated Control Freaks

Experience suggests that leaders are control freaks. You know you’re a controlling leader if: You’re ideas are always the best. Teammates have stopped offering suggestions. People constantly ask you questions. You spend your… Continue reading

13 Challenges All Coaching-Managers Face

It’s more difficult to be a coaching-manager than to be a coach that comes in from the outside. Open listening, courageous honesty, and not fixing, seem more challenging when coaches and coachees have… Continue reading


Stop squandering talent. Boss less; coach more. Research continues to show that nearly 7 out of 10 people are either passively or actively disengaged at work. (Gallup) Coaching is an act of engagement… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Coaching a Family Member

“Does the dynamic change when coaching family members?” (A question from a participant of an American Management Association webinar I gave on coaching for productivity.) If you want to become a great coach,… Continue reading

Maybe He Wasn’t Coachable

His eyes lit up when he heard me offhandedly say, “Not everyone is coachable.” He could stop blaming himself for his coachees lack of progress. He’d been frustrated and discouraged. New techniques might… Continue reading