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Maybe He Wasn’t Coachable

His eyes lit up when he heard me offhandedly say, “Not everyone is coachable.” He could stop blaming himself for his coachees lack of progress. He’d been frustrated and discouraged. New techniques might… Continue reading

Bill Hybels on Integrating Young Leaders

Peter Drucker believed leaders of nonprofits had lots to teach corporate leaders. With that in mind, I’m delighted to share insights from my conversation with Bill Hybels, one of today’s most highly regarded… Continue reading

3 Ways to Help Fakers Come Clean

She ended up saying, “I don’t really think I need anything.” She didn’t need to develop, others did. She was already functioning at maximum potential. She didn’t need to explore options, gain new… Continue reading

Stop Pushing – Create Pull

Would you rather push or be pulled? Coaching-leadership offers innovative approaches to talent development and results. 4 myths about coaching-leadership: Myth #1. Traditional leaders tell and give answers; coaching-leaders don’t lead. Giving answers and… Continue reading

How to Find Your Nut

Fill in the blank, “All I care about is _______.” If you can’t complete it, you’re just going through the motions. A person going in many directions ends up going nowhere. What if you… Continue reading

How to Coach Angry Leaders

Frustration, used well, fuels transformation. Avoiding it is embracing stagnation. I love talking and listening to frustrated leaders. Sure they may say some dumb things, but they say what they mean. Well, to… Continue reading