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Kiss the Fool

Court jesters occasionally spoke truths and delivered bad news with humor. Modern comedians often make us laugh about injustice or social ills. Kiss the fool who speaks the truth. The more authority you… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Dealing with Ms. Clutter Galore

Dear Dan, I have a question concerning my Assistant Manager. Her performance in most areas is exceptional as she is hardworking, dedicated, and has the respect of her team. She gets results. My… Continue reading

Breaking Silos – Connecting People

Stepping across functional boundaries in siloed organizations makes you the enemy. What are you doing here? This is my turf. Siloed organizations waste resources, squander opportunities, and duplicate effort. 7 signs your organization is… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Culture in Two Words

Dear Dan, Can you address the key indicators of a culture of excellence and steps to establishing that culture for a school? Sincerely, Culture Builder Dear Culture Builder, Thanks for asking such a… Continue reading

The Question that Taps the Power of Complaining

Just say it, “Everyone sucks at some things.” Call a leadership team meeting to gripe about weaknesses. Write your direct reports’ names on a whiteboard and list their weaknesses. Illustrate the list with behaviors. … Continue reading

Four Ways to Become a One Word Organization

I’ve been practicing, “One Word,” for three years. It’s a fascinating practice that I learned from Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page. “Ask,” is my word for 2016. One word for organizations:… Continue reading