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7 Qualities Servant-Leaders Expect From Others

Servant-leaders fail when they tolerate self-serving in others. Don’t be the only servant in the room. One-way service is naive, wasteful, and irresponsible. The ultimate goal of servant-leadership isn’t serving for the sake… Continue reading

Where People Love Working Together

Successful leaders build environments where people love working together. Environments emerge from language, conversation, and behavior. 4 essentials to successful environment building #1. Intolerance: Environment building includes confrontation. Organizations are destroyed by behaviors that… Continue reading

Don’t Poke the Lion

Those who poke lions end up bloody. It was news to me when my boss’s boss said, “I know you guys don’t get along.” I thought we got along great. She thought I… Continue reading

How to Lead with Compassion but Not Be a Pushover

Compassion goes wrong when it goes too far. Too much compassion prolongs helplessness, failure, and mediocrity. Compassion done well fuels confidence, excellence, and success. Organizations without compassion are fear-filled, ugly places to work.… Continue reading

What to Do When it’s Cold Inside

Like fire, an untended culture grows cold, dark, ugly, and useless. When you look in the organizational-mirror, do you like what you see? You can. Love: A regional medical facilities mission statement begins,… Continue reading

12 Ways to Get Serious about Fun

The law of the sad face says the more important leaders are the less they smile. You can’t milk fun out of self-important, problem-centric leaders. Fun seems frivolous when issues are important, opportunities… Continue reading