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How to Disrupt Your Way to Exponential Growth

Leave a comment on this post to become eligible to win one of fifteen copies of, “Disrupt Yourself,” by Whitney Johnson. *** You inevitably arrive at a place where disruption is the only… Continue reading

Powerful Tools for Reflection and Connection

All relationships are dissatisfying and fake, apart from authenticity.  5 results of low authenticity: Feeling disconnected and misunderstood. Lack of trust. Blocked connections. Shallow relationships. Lower influence. High authenticity: You can’t be authentic if… Continue reading

How to Hold People Accountable without using Authority

If you didn’t have authority, how would you hold people accountable? Don’t demand what must be given. Authority as a hammer: Maslow said, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have… Continue reading

The Principle of the Rope

George asked, “Do you ever feel pressure?” He was thinking about the breadth and depth of the Leadership Freak audience, as well as, the rigorous writing schedule I maintain. George is one of… Continue reading

7 Steps Toward Authenticity

(Warning: This post is approximately 350 words!) “Do you think we have to fight to be our true selves?” The question came from a busy leader with global impact. I replied, “The fight… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Winning in No-Win Situations

Bill (Not his real name) manages several franchise locations. He finds himself in a no-win situation. Budget and personnel cuts by the mother organization make it impossible for him to fulfill his responsibilities… Continue reading