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When the Garbage Stinks, Take it Out

There’s a garbage can in your head that’s stinking up your leadership. Garbage is your inclination to pretend you’re less than you are by clinging to old ways of thinking about yourself. Garbage… Continue reading

Oh Lord it’s Hard to Be Humble

You never fully become a leader. Goals are achieved. Character is pursued. Humility is the most challenging pursuit. Illusive: All character qualities are illusive. Courage, restraint, and love have new expressions in new circumstances.… Continue reading

Puppets Don’t Lead

Eliminate, “I’m letting people lead,” from your vocabulary. “I’m letting people lead,” means they aren’t really leading, you are. “Letting people lead,” suggests you hold the strings. As long as you control others,… Continue reading

4 Ways to Work Less

Ego causes leaders to over-estimate their own talent and underestimate the talent of others. Ego makes leaders over-manage and under-lead. 4 ways to work less: #1. Who: Don’t ask, “What can I do?” Ask,… Continue reading

3 Ways Leaders Drive People Nuts

Imagine the person on your team who drives you nuts. Realize you drive others crazy, too, but they’re afraid to tell you. A leader’s quirks, inconsistencies, and weaknesses should be addressed, not tolerated. 3 ways… Continue reading

The Five Biggest Mistakes New Leaders Make

  Inexperience is opportunity. Learning from mistakes promotes growth and develops confidence. But making unnecessary mistakes is foolish. Don’t learn everything from personal experience. You grow the most at the beginning. Wise leaders learn from the… Continue reading