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Seven Ways to Rise by Letting Go

Frustration is hoping for change while clinging to the past. The first step into your future is letting go of what stopped working.   6 ways to know you R.U.S.T.E.D. and it’s time to let… Continue reading

Jack and Suzy Welch on Marriage and Career

“Where marriages go off the rails is where you get married to your job and you start making decisions with your boss first, and then you come home and inform your spouse.” Suzy… Continue reading

It Feels Like I’d be a Failure

Everyone knows what they don’t want. Who we want to become is nearly unimaginable when “not wanting” dominates our thinking. Three conversations: An aspiring leader: He confessed he steps on people’s toes. That’s… Continue reading

Seven Steps to New Leadership

You could be more. Can you live with that? Leaders don’t. There’s hope if you’re unhappy. Contentment chokes growth. 7 Steps to New Leadership: #1. Distress fuels discontent and drives urgency. Every step… Continue reading

12 Ways Leaders Humiliate Others

Foolish leaders use power and position to make others feel insignificant. Humiliation motivates, but never in positive directions.   Showing disrespect invites disrespect. Stealing someone’s dignity destroys passion and encourages disloyalty. You may… Continue reading

How to Find Your Great Contribution

Every act of service enhances your worth. As time passes, if you’re fortunate, you’ll make meaningful contributions to growing numbers of individuals, organizations, and communities. The more competent you become the more opportunities you… Continue reading