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Seven Ways to Rise by Letting Go

Frustration is hoping for change while clinging to the past. The first step into your future is letting go of what stopped working.   6 ways to know you R.U.S.T.E.D. and it’s time to let… Continue reading

It Feels Like I’d be a Failure

Everyone knows what they don’t want. Who we want to become is nearly unimaginable when “not wanting” dominates our thinking. Three conversations: An aspiring leader: He confessed he steps on people’s toes. That’s… Continue reading

Well Excuuuuse Me!

Excuse-making is a failure pretending to succeed. No one gets it right all the time. The issue is response. Excuses are the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie. Temptation: A member… Continue reading

Seven Ways Coaching-Managers Get Things Done

All managers get things done through people, the question is how.   7 ways coaching-managers get things done: Connect. Traditional managers believe business is relationships, except when it comes to their own team. Coaching-managers… Continue reading

The Unexpected Secret to Becoming a Superstar

Toddler-leaders say, “I’ll do it myself!” Rejecting help is an arrogant leader’s self-limiting blunder. You prefer giving help, but receiving help is what makes superstars. You may reach high on your own, but… Continue reading

4 Simple Projects that Transform Culture Today

You’re under appreciated and overworked. Bitterness follows ingratitude, the most self-destructive quality of all.   10 reasons you’re ungrateful: #1. Expectation ends gratitude. Results are expected. When you deliver them, someone gives you… Continue reading