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How to Become a Light in the Fog

I’ve heard managers complain, “These people just don’t get it.” Poor management is the reason people inside organizations are in the fog. Impose the job of creating clarity on yourself. Stop complaining about people who… Continue reading

How to Hold Millennials Accountable in 7 Steps

(When this post was first published, it came out blank. My apologies for the inconvenience.) For as long as I can remember, the older generation has complained about the younger. “What’s the world… Continue reading

Over-led and Under-managed

Last night I coached a successful leader who turned an organization around. Now he wonders if he’s the one to solve the problems success has created. Successful leadership creates management challenges. Successful management creates leadership challenges. You can’t manage… Continue reading

Oh Lord it’s Hard to Be Humble

You never fully become a leader. Goals are achieved. Character is pursued. Humility is the most challenging pursuit. Illusive: All character qualities are illusive. Courage, restraint, and love have new expressions in new circumstances.… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: They Won’t Own Mistakes

Hi Dan, I have an issue with some of my team where if they make a mistake they don’t own it. They deflect and change the subject. They never admit they did the… Continue reading

Three Ways to Release the Lion

Those without fear aren’t courageous. They’re oblivious. Courage is choosing to act when afraid. Nelson Mandela said, “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that… Continue reading