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Become an Artist and Other Secrets to Success

Three keys to Success: #1. Become an artist. Paint a picture of personal success in your mind. Avoid artificial goals like money, power, and prestige. Paint with colors that express your values. Try things… Continue reading

10 Questions to Ask when Choosing Leaders

One of the most painful mistakes of leadership is choosing the wrong leaders. The difference between success and failure begins with choosing the right leaders. (And ejecting the wrong.) Three mistakes when choosing leaders: #1. Overlooking introverts.… Continue reading

Weak Leaders Go Nuts Over Hangnails and Hiccups

Every generation feels its pace of life is more frantic than the one before. I wonder if “The Tortoise and the Hare” was written because life was moving too fast around 600 B.C.E.?… Continue reading

6 Questions to Find Your Reason for Being

I received a one line email from a coaching client at 7:02 p.m. on April 2. It’s been dripping in my mind since it arrived. “Is a servant leader’s most important decision choosing… Continue reading

5 Ways to Dig Your Own Well

Your most powerful contributions are the answers you’ve found for yourself. A struggle answered is purpose found. Profundity is relative: What’s simple to you is profound to others. You’ve grown bored with the profound… Continue reading

The 13 Toughest Challenges of Leadership

Indifference is easy, but empty. Compassion requires more courage, resolve, and wisdom than standing aloof. Every tough challenge of leadership is made better with compassion. The 13 toughest challenges of leadership: Confronting. Correcting.… Continue reading