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How to Complain Like a Leader

Great leaders have burning complaints. I wonder how many great endeavors began as great complaints. The United States of America, for example, began with great complaints.  We know the name Martin Luther King Jr. because… Continue reading

3 Traits Guaranteed to Amplify Your Influence Today

Disconnection invites skepticism – skepticism blocks influence. The tools of disconnected leadership are manipulation and coercion. Connection is the conduit of influence. The battle to connect is lost when people wonder what’s going… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: My Leader Screwed Up

Dear Dan, Our leader made a really bad decision. Now he isn’t making it right because he’s afraid of losing face. I’m planning to tell the boss he made a bad decision that… Continue reading

7 Essential Beliefs For Leadership Success

Inconsistency hobbles success. Essential beliefs explain what matters most. Influence beliefs – change lives. A leader’s essential beliefs: Inform decisions. What you believe about yourself, others, and the future informs daily decisions. Enable “no”. Leaders – apart… Continue reading

12 Promises to My Future Self

I’m often asked what advice I’d give to my younger self. Trouble is, my younger self wouldn’t listen. “What would I say to my future self?” is a more interesting question. Dear Future… Continue reading

How to Make The Timid Bold

He told me about problems and challenges. I asked him, “What qualities and skills do you currently possess that enable you to face these challenges?” People lose boldness when they forget who they are. Inspire people to… Continue reading