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How to Turn Passive Followers Into Active Leaders

You aren’t worthy of leadership if fear of giving control controls you. Successful leaders move away from “permission mode.” Permission: Don’t you hate it when someone asks permission to do something? Real leaders give… Continue reading

If You Were Gone in Twelve Months

I made a decision late in 2014 that I would lead like I’ll be gone in 12 months. I’m not planning on being gone. I didn’t make an announcement. I’m just acting and… Continue reading

5 Questions to Positive Energy

Organizational energy is leadership’s responsibility. Negative energy is the result of neglect or ignorance. Successful leaders energize others. Focus on energy: In as little as five minutes, you can energize a team member. But,… Continue reading

10 Ways to Rise Up After Screwing Up

Everyone who tries fails. Growth happens when you fail and own it, not until. Everyone who blames stays the same. The price of greatness is responsibility. Taking responsibility sets leaders apart from the… Continue reading

16 Ways to Think Like a Leader

The title of leader is common, even cheap. But, a person who thinks like a leader is a thing of beauty. The first step toward becoming a leader is thinking like one. Leadership… Continue reading

Don’t Poke the Lion

Those who poke lions end up bloody. It was news to me when my boss’s boss said, “I know you guys don’t get along.” I thought we got along great. She thought I… Continue reading