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Stink Bugs and Flowers

There are two types of leaders, stink bugs and flowers. Stink-bug-leaders: When stink bugs show up, everything stinks. Fear goes up. Teams feel dumb. Nothing’s good enough. The past is more important than the future.… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Help! My Boss is Incompetent

Dear Leadership Freak, My boss drives me crazy. He’s incompetent. He has no people skills. The trouble is the people upstairs think he’s doing a good job. Sincerely, Frustrated with incompetence! Dear Frustrated,… Continue reading

The Answer is Who

Short-sighted leaders are consumed with results. Real leaders are consumed with people. The answer is who. Traditional leaders: Solve problems. Prevent failure. Create systems. Measure results. Traditional leadership is essential. But, never treat people… Continue reading

The Top 10 Ways to be an Extraordinary Leader Today

Work on internal environments. You can’t control the external world, but you can control the way you do things internally. Grab the bull by the horns, if you don’t like what you see… Continue reading

You Have a Manipulator on the Team If…

Manipulators make you feel bad when you don’t give them what they want. “… if you fail to comply with his request, a manipulator will try to make you feel bad, selfish, naive,… Continue reading

12 Refueling Strategies That Work Today

Foolish leaders believe they can take more out of life than they put in. Well, maybe it isn’t foolishness. Maybe it’s arrogance. Only God never runs dry. Normal people know that everyone who… Continue reading