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Solution Saturday: Praise for Over-commitment

I told George, “A life that matters is lived in service to others. The more you serve – the more you matter.” George, being a thoughtful young leader, began talking about over-commitment and… Continue reading

A Sweaty Palm Definition of Success

My palms get sweaty when I read, “We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people.”** Aim at nothing – you hit it. I feel a need to define my aspirations concerning the way I touch… Continue reading

I’m Glad I didn’t Dream Big

I’m glad I didn’t dream big when it came to writing the Leadership Freak blog. I didn’t set out to write a popular leadership blog. I set out to be helpful to as many people… Continue reading

The Race to Insignificance or Issues of Greatness

Life’s darkest frustrations hover over the gap between feeling unimportant and hoping to be significant. Desires for greatness are holy. No one wakes up in the morning with burning desires to be trivial.… Continue reading

Most Feedback Begins in the Wrong Place

Don’t you “love” it when someone asks, “Do you mind if I give you some feedback?” You can’t say, “Yes, I do mind,” especially if it’s the boss. Wouldn’t you like to say, “Frankly,… Continue reading

4 Secrets to Winning

Don’t go through the motions for one more day. Survival might be success during crisis, but it’s failure over the long-term. Define success in order to win. Purpose defines winning. You must know why you… Continue reading