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Finding Your Greatest Contribution

The worst thing in life is recurring frustration that could be avoided. In life, everyone repeats until they learn. Your greatest contributions are the answers you find while navigating tough times – storms. The… Continue reading

Lessons from Abraham and Joseph

I asked Facebook followers for a title for today’s post. “How leaders of today can learn from leaders in the Bible,” received the most thumbs up. Abraham: Abraham stepped out when he wasn’t… Continue reading

How to be Authoritative without being a Jerk

Fear only works when the big bad leader is present. The sigh of relief when jerk-leaders leave the room signals disengagement. The most effective leaders are authoritative, not authoritarian. Authoritative: Authority is permission… Continue reading

4 Things that Drive Employees Crazy

  We love to think about what drives leaders crazy. But, what about employees? Red tape. The reason red tape drives employees crazy is they want to get things done. The function of… Continue reading

Work Backwards to Fulfill Dreams

A dream without expression is a liability. If you can’t grasp a bit of your dream today, it’s a nagging inconvenience. Big dreams that diminish the value of imperfect progress are burdens. Dreaming won’t make dreams… Continue reading

How to Succeed with People in Authority

Don’t expect advancement while resisting or opposing people in authority. Success within organizations is determined by people with authority. They authorize raises, promotions, and determine who participates in high value projects. 12 ways… Continue reading