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Stop Talking About Transformation

Talk doesn’t produce vitality, eventually it kills it. Talk is important. But, the line between talk and rigor mortis is nearly invisible. Death arrives when organizational transformation ends. Vitality through trying new things: Talk is hypocrisy –… Continue reading

He Touched Me!

We vacationed with three kids and a dog. We didn’t have a mini-van. The kids had coloring books and each other. Back then, cars weren’t equipped with video monitors or individual headphones. I always… Continue reading

How to Lower Frustration and Improve Performance

Reflection is essential to improvement. Curiosity is essential to reflection. Focus curiosity on patterns when improving systems. What difficulty can you predict you’ll encounter when we do this next time? What can you put in… Continue reading

10 Ways to Get Where You Want to Go

Organizational strategy answers three questions. How can we create customers? How can we keep customers? What do we do better than competitors that is difficult to copy? Peter Drucker explained it this way, “The… Continue reading

If You Were Gone in Twelve Months

I made a decision late in 2014 that I would lead like I’ll be gone in 12 months. I’m not planning on being gone. I didn’t make an announcement. I’m just acting and… Continue reading

12 Questions that Solve Collisions of Expectation

Remarkable leaders exceed expectation. Organizations love or hate leaders based on expectation. Exceed expectation and you’re respected, honored, even revered. Disappoint expectation long enough, you’re gone. Excitement, joy, sadness, and disappointment are rooted… Continue reading