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3 Questions That Enable Leaders to Call for Commitments

Back on the farm, we threw bales of hay down from the hay loft to feed the cows. Our cat waited for us to lift a bale to see if there might be a… Continue reading

Overcome 68% Disengagement with Goldstein’s 5 Principles of Engagement

Robots do what they’re told, but people need a sense of power and control to be engaged. In traditional organizations, management is about taking control, not giving it. No wonder disengagement scores hover around… Continue reading

Peter Drucker: The Truly Dangerous Thing

“The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong questions.” Peter Drucker Wrong questions when promoting from within: When you need a supervisor for a team of engineers, the question isn’t, “Is this potential… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Witness to Sniping and B*tching

Dear Dan, I work in a place where I witness sniping and b*tching all the time about how the boss is hidden away, or has no leadership skills, or how others aren’t doing… Continue reading

How to Dance with Tough Issues Long Enough to Do Some Real Good

The deadly sin of tough conversations is going halfway. Discomfort causes some leaders to cut them short. Work up enough courage to dance with tough issues long enough to do some real good. Halfway… Continue reading

Solution Saturday: Young Leader – Much Older Team

Dear Dan, I have been reading your blog now for about 1 year. I’ve seen you address my question a few different times but I thought I would bring you directly into my… Continue reading